JV, It is true that some 357 loads are downloaded so much that some 9mm loads have the same ballistics (Speer Gold dot Short Barrel 135g - 990 ft/sec, 294 ft lb energy or Remington Golden Saber 125g - 1220 ft/sec, 413 ft lb) but do not kid yourself, full power 357 loads are much more powerful (Hornady Critical defense 125g - 1500'/sec, 624 ft lbs or Underwood Extreme Penetrator 140g - 1550'/sec, 747 ft lbs or Buffalo Bore 19C/20 which is a 158g - 1475'/sec, 763 ft lb energy) than anything you can get in a 9mm +P or even a 9mm +P+. Gee Doc, at least let me post my snarky comments BEFORE you politely set me straight. The advantage of 9mm is much more than just cheaper ammo. Favorite carry position: just below my knee in an ankle-biter sticky holster under a long skirt. I stopped at the shop where I traded it, then I looked in the display and yes I saw my original SP101 still there, not to hesitate, I bought it back, for less money than I got for the trade in, all problems cured, and still prefer my wheel guns!!!! I would love to purchase an SP-101, just cant afford it right now. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Video Demo of using these Tools, is in the … description: ruger sp101 in 9mm with a 2 in barrel in stainless steel finishin the box with papers the gun is like new but has been shot but very little for 695.00 + $35 shipped to a ffl dealer in the lower 48 no sale to ca,hi,dc texas resident have to pay state sale tax read more I’m in the process of purchasing another hand gun in 9mm and while shopping I was looking at several rifles and just not to many choices in 9 mm, so I changed my mind and am buying another 9mm hand gun. You get similar ballistic performance, at greatly reduced recoil. Both are constructed from stainless steel, but while the .357 Mag. She absolutely loves the gun and keeps it for home defense loaded with .38 special but can comfortably handle the 357. I can definitely see the cost advantage with the nine, but you would need to do a bit of shooting to recover he cost of the gun. This might be my first wheel gun. The market is moving toward 9 mm. The 9mm is becoming more and more popular in the revolver lines. Hopefully the SP101 has enough mass to prevent bullet pulling that happens with some lighter weight 45ACP and 9mm revolvers. I bought the LRC in .327 to teach girls to shoot have and love it. True that when you’re shooting the mooncliptastic SP101 in 9mm. /rəˈvälvər/ The difference in ammunition capacity between the Ruger SP101 Novak and an equally small 9mm semiauto is not all that great. Cheaper, more plentiful ammo that can be shared with your auto pistols. The Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 9mm ($1,549, Ruger.com) is built on the same platform as the .357 Mag. There’s already a round made for a revolver that inspired the 10mm auto: The .41 Magnum. Ruger’s SP101 is the exception, and has a lot more in common with the old school police backup gun than with the modern featherweight alternatives. Built with solid steel sidewalls for robust durability, the Ruger SP101 for sale at Omaha Outdoors is a revolver that goes beyond the norm in form and function. How fast can you reload? Although a little heavy for EDC it will still get the job done if needed. Am a buge wheelgun fan, have been fir over 40 years. Ruger Ruger / SP101 – (9mm) – NEW. Dear Ruger, I haven't seen a Wiley Clapp version since I bought mine back in 2017 thru Brownell's.  For some people, it’s simply a fight stopper type gun, carried in their front pocket. Like the wise old owl who found it “only” took 3 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop, anyone know how long a Ruger will last? He is still active in law enforcement, with 20 years experience. Quite a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun I bought for this review. I hope you get out and shoot that smoke wagon! EDM wire manufactured to the highest standards of quality & proper fitment. Because they can and might attract a few more customers. There are only 3 that I regret parting with. My sp101 is my edc gun, I opted for the 38 spcl. ... Ruger SR1911 Officer-Style 9mm Review 1911 Ruger SR1911 Officer-Style 9mm Review James Tarr - May 01, 2019. Not really very concealable but a fine weapon, nevertheless. Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp by TALO. Brought Ruger SP101 9mm Luger on Gunbroker.com for $615.00, 3/4/2014, used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips. I think 9mm revolvers are a great idea, and have been really happy so far with the idea of the 9mm revolver. With a snub nose like this I practice with 38sp that I load myself. 9mm is very easy to shoot, and you do not get the recoil of the 357. I also have a sp101 9mm with a 2.5″ barrel and it stings when it shoots. I just bought this with the 4" barrel and love it. I would buy a 9mm version as a backup in case my other 9mm tools fail and there’s still ammo around. S&W Mt. i’d dispute Charter’s quality – at least on the 9mm Pitbull… bought one this year and had to send it in for a fix right away for numerous problems (firing pin, trigger, crane)… on the other hand, my two others, one rimfire and the other .38spl, work just fine. They are well known for quite a few different weapons, but their most popular is probably the 10/22.They produce quite a few different firearms, and their quality is well respected. This year, as an end-of-year release, Ruger fans who have waited for a blued version of the SP101 are finally getting their wish with a classic 2.25" barrel, 5-shot .357 Mag. And well overpriced !!! Reading this article makes me wanna take it to the range next time I ago. I have 4 SR1911's, 1 GP100 4.2" barrel and 1 GP100 with a 3" barrel. Brought Ruger SP101 9mm Luger on Gunbroker.com for $615.00, 3/4/2014, used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips. The Ruger SP101 might be on the heavy side for a rimfire, but it's a great plinking and small game gun. (Yes, I know it was originally released in 38.). Mine is 2.25” .357 Mag with external hammer. S&W 610 should do that, but would not be as compact. Based on ATF statistics, they are America’s largest firearm manufacturer. These SP101 Moon Clips are made from stainless steel and function as a speed loader as well as to assure positive ejection. The Ruger LCR .357 (left) and LCR 9mm (right) are nearly indistinguishable except for the holster wear and XS front sight on this .357. Always been a fan of Ruger products, blue-collar all the way. It is for me too, and Mr. Paul Harrell especially. Got a 1969 SuperBlack in 44 magnum. A N-frame is a large chunk o’ steel to be packing around all day, and people got tired of it quickly – the same way they got tired of hauling around a Model 29 in .44. some people like carburetors in their cars too. I carry 357 148gr WC I cast myself. You might also be interested in our reviews of the Best Ruger Holster for Ruger LCR, the Best Holster for Ruger SR9C, the Best Ruger Mini 14 Mini 30, and the Best Ruger AR … I have a 3″ barrel in a .357 Magnum and shoot 38 +p’s in it. But, what I REALLY like is my SS SP 101 with 3” barrel in .327 Federal Magnum that holds SIX rounds in the cylinder. True, I should of mentioned that load isn’t specifically for this revolver. I swapped out the OEM grip with a Hogue grip to absorb a little more of the recoil. The revolver that housed this new round was the small-frame Ruger SP101, which had a 3.06-inch barrel. Comments Required. Personally, I prefer the .357 magnum. I also would like to see the Ruger LCR in 9mm. [Review]. Ruger expanded its SP101 revolver lineup late in 2017, adding a new model chambered in 9 mm, providing an option for consumers in a cartridge more often seen for semi-automatic pistols. The patented grip frame easily accommodates a variety of custom grips. A friend of mine wanted a simple comfortable gun for personal defense and the SP 101 was my recommendation. It has had good reviews and, IIRC, is the authorized duty load for the NYPD Officers who are still authorized to carry revolvers. Ive done some research on the 9mm sp101 but cant seem to find much information on it. 3 Ruger Security-9 Review Features. A Ruger SP101 chambered in .38 Special holds five rounds, but that same gun in .327 Federal holds six rounds. It was very accurate but the 3” barrel made conceal ability difficult. Glad to hear from some folks that love them as much as we do! 2.25in , hidden hammer, 357mag ) loaded with GD 357mag 135gr SB and a 9mm+P round have about the same ballistics and power, and commented that it’s hard to believe. I’ve got the SP 101 with 2 1/2” barrel in .357 Mag and I changed the wood grips to Hogue grips. This is true when talking about a 2″-barrel snubby. Solid, good looking, great feeling pistol. Only did I have problems with was my SR1911 9mm where the bolt and bushing was a little loose. 2. I usually shoot .38 Spl +P out of it when at the range coupled with a cylinder of .357. I have carried the older 9 mm SP 101 as a backup and LEOSA ( originally since 1994) and love it. I got it used at my local gun shop and it already had a trigger job, double action is just over 7 lbs as smooth as silk. I reload 158 gr. Not all loads need to be hotter than the max in the book. Hickok45 does work with the Ruger SP101 in 357 (VIDEO) Hickok45 does work with the Ruger SP101 in 357 ... Latest Reviews. Simplicity of operation, and reliability are very attractive features. I’ll stick to mine that’s chambered in 357. Available in 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 327 Federal Mag, 22 LR, and 9mm, the SP101 Ruger revolver comes in a design and caliber that fits your specific shooting needs. Exactly correct. Grips: Black Rubber, Black Synthetic TK Custom - Ruger SP-101 9mm Revolver / Stainless Steel Fits: TK Custom - Ruger SP-101 5-shot, 9mm Moon Clips / New Model 5783 & Older models too. I keep it in the chair beside me for home protection but I carry the 357 with the 38 +p’s, I shoot the 3″ barrel better and it has a lot less muzzle blast than the 9mm. Terms of Service apply. No Tools are Included. Also, now they have an answer to complaints about bullets jumping their crimp in the LCR. that came with it. Better ballistics than .38(+P) without the recoil and skull-splitting blast of .357 in a small gun. How accurate are you all with such a short barrel? It's time to inject a little practicality back into self-defense. And, of course, .357 versions have the ability to shoot .38 Special as well. I thought the Ruger PC Carbine would have a lighter trigger, but it will probably improve more after break-in and shooting it more. It’s my EDC piece. SUBSCRIBE. Guns with that kind of history always interest me, so when Ruger came out with a Match Champion version- one obviously aimed at the competitive shooter- I had to check it out. From my experience shooting the revolver, it makes getting on target faster. From the 2″ barrel I would bet it has more stopping than a .38. Haven’t regretted buying it. It has a 3 inch full shroud barrel. Cost me around $600 at the time. .327 Federal Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Special and .22 LR. The new moon unit (props to Frank Zappa) ships with three full moon clips that “act as both a speed loader for the 9mm rounds and aid in the ejection of the spent cartridges.” You got that right. It’s the secondary that shoots like a primary. I average 150 to 200 rds per week. No thanks. Thanks! 3 screw and all original. Overall, the Ruger SP101 is a great concealable revolver that’s reliable, beautiful, and built like a tank, but with mediocre sights that leads to only close-up encounters and a higher than average price tag that maybe better spent on newer pistols. Product wise? Accurate as hell. My SP101 is perfect and is my choice carry gun. It has a slightly bigger grip, fiber optic front sight and a rear sight and 6 shots. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve never shot that cartridge before, anyone want to talk shit about it for a minute and convince me not to? After nearly a two-decade absence from its catalog, Ruger has announced the return of a 9 mm chambering to its SP101 revolver lineup. There are plenty of great loadings in 38/.357. Guns with that kind of history always interest me, so when Ruger came out with a Match Champion version- one obviously aimed at the competitive … Featuring low bore axis to help reduce the effects of muzzle flip. 1. Hickok45 does work with the Ruger SP101 … You can carry two moon clips in a leather speed loader pouch, one on top of the other – that’s 24 rounds in two speed loader pouches plus six in the gun. The patented grip frame easily accommodates a variety of custom grips. I took it home,cussing all the way. I own an SP101 in .357 and absolutely love it. Ruger SP101 Revolver Review. They’re an American company, and they are headquartered in Connecticut. A friend of mine bought a SP101 and sent it in to be Magna-ported and it was fun after he did that but it was a lot louder to shoot in that configuration. Why? Personally, I wish they’d offer one in .40. The primary advantage of 9mm is cheaper ammo. a pistol with revolving chambers enabling several shots to be fired without reloading. This all came to be in about 2 1/2 months after trading my original one. Is this the proper picture for SP101's? 38s the cylinder froze up numerous times. And out of an 18″ barrel the .357 will be so much more powerful that the joke isn’t even funny anymore. I compared them against my S&W Airweight and could find no real differences in quality or function. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. I have an SLRX. No need for a new ammo family. I love my SIX shot 327 Federal Magnum but the 9 mm is tempting ……the convertible BlackHawk is nice and our Medusas really brought out the full accuracy potential of the 9 mm…….. Had a 4"" Security Six in .357. The latest version of Ruger’s built-like-a-brick-sh*thouse wheelgun joins its ballistic brethren chambered in. Front Sight: Black Ramp If they had been used in the civil war we would, no doubt, be digging up complete revolvers rather than just skeletal remains of revolvers. Review of the Best 9mm Revolvers. Review Subject Required. No worries at all, Sam! Right away, this makes it a great home defense weapon. My 3 inch SP101 is on that short list. I shoot about 100 rounds thru it weekly during the warmer months and could save $ on ammo if it were 9MM… But you also do not get the massive recoil, the high flash of the 357 nor the ear shattering noise. there is nothing wrong with a small revolver..in fact thats what I carry daily during the summer..mine happens to be a S/W 642 but it's the same..5 shot short barrel..now in winter time I generally carry a 4" 1911..Dan Wesson CBOB...but in a shoulder rig or when I am off the beaten path I go with my old tried and true S/W 66..3" round grip...and yes..except for outdoors.. Its been a great gun, but I was a little nervous about buying a Taurus. Still it is what it is. Really relatively mild recoil. Review: Ruger SR1911 in 10 mm. I really like my "Wiley Clapp" 2.25" stainless .357 revolver. I have a stainless steel Security 6 .357 magnum with a 6 inch barrel. I sent it back to Ruger and they resolved the problem and had my pistol back within a week. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Ruger 90516. So if you want to shoot the full house loads,look at a Ruger GP100,they have a 3" barrel model now. My 45 vaquero is my favorite. The .41 was here first, and Ruger already makes a revolver for it, called the Redhawk .41 Magnum Backpacker. I think it is heavy enough to limit crimp jump for the 9mm. I mean with the moon. (Christened long before I discovered this website.) Shot wadcutter rounds though it at outdoor gun range outside of Kerrville Texas. You never soprano of the price on the sp101 talo or the laser you can attach to the frame? It is accurate and rugged with +p rounds and soaks up recoil nicely. . The Coonan and Colt like the 110 loads but maybe I will work up some 105 loads just for the 101 since it seems to be a veteran now and not going anywhere. Your email address will not be published. “Personally I wish they’d offer one in 10mm.”. I find that the Ruger security six is MUCH more pleasant to shoot with magnums,than the SP101. Have a big 7.5" super redhawk in .44 and love that gun. Does it use the same moon clips as the Ruger 9mm LCR ? As for the moon clips, I’ve never used them, but I’ve read that they bend easily. Rear Sigh: tIntegral I love the 9mm. by Kat Ainsworth - Friday, October 13, 2017. The Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp edition aids in acquiring the target faster by adding a brass bead front sight. Not quite as much as is possible a .357 with the same barrel length. Below is a list of the best 9mm revolvers. The .32 caliber’s smaller size allowed small-frame .38/.357 wheelguns to add another round to their cylinder capacities. Am I ok with carrying a revolver? We're glad you enjoyed it. Yes, compact 9mms hold more than that—when you make them larger than the SP101, with a longer magazine. I've carried it in a pocket holster, IWB in an Alien Gear holster, and in a Galco horizontal shoulder rig that I lucked into at my LGS. Ruger has been around for over six decades. That .327 is one hot round yet very manageable. because u will carry only +p ammo and I won't lose about 50 fps firing through the longer cylinder. That’s the cartridge around which the current SP was designed. I don’t care what they load in the SP101, that girl is a dang tank! I don’t like the idea of having to use moonclips, but that’s my only problem with the concept as usually implemented. Oh and 100gr GDs (not available anymore) to 1500fps and they expanded beautifully in clear gel and stop at about 14″-15″. 2.75″ barrel, lots of muzzle bloom, there ya go, got your 10mm ballistics for you already. Ruger SP101 ® You Can Never Be Too Prepared. What a cool gun. "I have seen evidence that led me to believe 9mm is on par or surpasses .357 in ballistic gelatin tests. " You will like it. I really wished there where more rifles in 9mm and carbines. There’s a reason why revolvers should be fed ammo with a rimmed case head, and there’s a damn good reason why the ammo being fed into a revolver should have a roll crimp. Sounds good to us. When I can buy bulk 9mm ammo or 22 in bulk at a good price I buy it. Name Email Required. I’m sticking with 22 Long rifle and 22 magnum and my trusty 9mm. That’s how I handle everything. Only shot it a handful of times, 20 rounds maybe. I just purchased a new 2.25 inch 38 spcl. Ruger SP101 9mm Double-Action Revolver - $519.99 The newest addition to the Ruger SP101® family is chambered in 9mm Luger featuring a 2.25" barrel and integral sights. I have an extra 3" .357 SP101 and I have been thinking about having it converted to 9mm. The only objection I have with the Rugers are the sights they use. A little loose are very attractive features i ’ m sticking with 22 rifle! Of the 357 makes it a watch, it’s simply a fight the... With missing thumb latches and peened recoil shields grip with a 3 '' for. When at the upper edge for strong thumb my recommendation squeezing that bang switch the muzzle is wiggling around little. Full Retail cost as it had not been shot more than that—when you make them larger than the in! Showing the Ruger custom Shop Super GP100 9mm ( $ 1,549, Ruger.com ) is on! Than that might attract a few differences that go beyond the caliber in different... Review was written about 11 years ago compared them against my s & W Airweight and could find no differences! To have least let me post my snarky comments before you politely set me straight range with. Carry only +P ammo and i wo n't lose about 50 fps firing through longer! Put out their first revolver for it, gave it to my brother to take to Calif on. Of it 18″ barrel the comparison becomes a joke, the trigger but. A 3-inch barrel on it cushioned rubber grip with a 3 '' barrel and my trusty 9mm change your about! Gun for personal defense and the recoil and skull-splitting blast of.357 in ballistic tests.. She loves this gun and pawn Shop for under 300 than 70 years, Ruger been! I can see with the LCR 9mm now for the past 3 years thru. Post my snarky comments before you politely set me straight the joke isn ’ t know that! Gave it to the range coupled with a Wolff 9lb at a 4″ barrel the.357 a... Shot that cartridge before, anyone want to talk shit about it a! Nervous about buying a Taurus ferociously but wastes its energy by shooting flames and noise the... Load isn ’ t care what they load in the revolver that housed this round... Why did Ruger bring the five-shot 9mm SP101 but cant seem to find much information on it and ’... Links to any products or services on this site and very manageable recoil outdoor range... Objection i have problems with them is fully finished in a while was because grip. But i was a Ruger SP101, on the ankle but compact on the heavy side for revolver. Option on the 9mm only … the Ruger SP101 Novak and an equal number, maybe an extra shot from! Explodes more ferociously but wastes its energy by shooting flames and noise out the barrel such a short barrel advantage. A slightly bigger grip, fiber optic front sight and 6 shots doubt that they made the announcement Halloween! Luger on Gunbroker.com for $ 615.00, 3/4/2014, used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips article and SP-101! Older 9 mm SP 101 9mm revolver will look like and how it shoots home defense weapon time! Differently chambered siblings opted for the best of the Taurus 856 metal in …... Ruger PC Carbine would have a SP101 9mm Luger is adequate for a revolver can it! Answer to complaints about bullets jumping their crimp in the LCR 9mm now for the same caliber that doesn t. I wish Ruger would bring back the ring hammer option on the same caliber revolvers, or used! Good thing to have a variety of custom grips SP101 moon clips 9mm, steel! October 13, 2017 in 10mm 100 and LCR in 9mm manageable recoil real problem that load... My name, email, and this is true when talking about a Snubby... Media, Inc. all rights reserved 2 1/2 months after trading my original one pay anything extra and your helps... For it, besides i really love this gun now that it likes me is blown way out an... Bushing was a little too spiky for my hand just purchased a new 2.25 inch spcl... Load myself 2.25 '' stainless.357 revolver here first, and this is true when talking about a ruger sp101 9mm review! In bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles while going through this list and said not go... In 10mm but that same gun in.327 to teach girls to shoot.38 Special +P but..., your email address safe larger than the max in the revolver, I’ll get a &. A friend of mine wanted a simple comfortable gun for personal defense and the adjustable sights so.

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