Every undergrad at Wharton graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, but there are many options for concentrations for degree seekers, including international business, and even the ability to create your own concentration. Students in international business graduate certificate programs may take classes with graduate students in master’s or doctorate programs, and they might take a blend of on-campus and online courses. The program’s objective is to provide an overview giving equal weight to each of the major areas of finance, economics, marketing, and management, in the context of international business. Finally, Bryant students culminate their studies by working with an actual local company who is working with an international business challenge. From there, as a student, you will be able to specialize in various areas such as accounting, management, or human resources. It offers studies in an expansive selection of skills, with more than 280-degree programs across 16 schools and colleges. Students at Grand Valley State University have no shortage of ways to get involved, thanks to its more than 300 student organizations, all of whom are showcased at an annual event called “Campus Life Night.” Greek life is a part of this, with about 5% of undergraduates participating in one of the more than 20 fraternities and sororities on campus. In addition to its many degree programs, GWU’s business school offers students plenty of opportunities for college life, from organizations for students like the GW Entrepreneurs and the MBA Follies group. The community at St. Edward’s is small, with a low student-professor ratio and a global perspective. Students in the international business program also have the ability to further customize their program with the addition of a business minor. It was the first public, state-supported college in the country, and alumni and faculty are very proud of the institution’s history. Some certificate programs may give students a great degree of flexibility to pick their courses while others have more specific requirements. Marshall’s class sizes are small, and its reach is huge, and the school’s groundbreaking World Bachelor in Business program grants students with not one, but three bachelor’s degrees in business from three different recognized schools of business worldwide. That’s why it is one of our picks for the best colleges for an International Business degree. Wharton is an Ivy League college, which is notable in and of itself. However, some things are fairly certain when you’re seeking education to prepare you for the world of business. With a huge campus of 2,000 acres and nearly 25,000 undergraduate students, NC State is the largest four-year institution of higher learning in the state. A private Christian university located in central Virginia, Liberty University was founded in 1971 and today is one of the largest universities in the country. A public university founded in 1918, Ball State University is located in Muncie, Indiana, northeast of Indianapolis. Students will study courses from politics and law to culture and religion to geography, history, and language – to say nothing of economics and business. For the business student, University of South Carolina houses the Moore School of Business, which is one of the most elite business schools worldwide. You may add international business to your coursework through a minor or with electives. Ball State University is a public research institution, and so its focus is on students and achieving the highest possible educational outcomes. The Eli Broad College of Business educates a large number of business students, boasting nearly 6,000 undergrad students across its programs, which include a course of study in international business. James Madison University is a public university located in Harrisonburg, VA, and was founded in 1908. International Business Graduate Programs may offer a curriculum that would lead to a Master’s and or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in international business. The university’s college of business is a natural extension of the Alabama A&M mission statement, concentrating on instructions while incorporating the concept of intellectual development with the tradition of public service which is a hallmark of the land-grant schools. Students in this program receive a well-balanced overview of standard business skills and disciplines with a special focus on global issues. Couple those opportunities with Adelphi’s location in Garden City, with proximity to all the sights and sounds of New York City and the beauty of Long Island, and the allure of Adelphi becomes clear. The original campus, Rose Hill, is located in the Bronx, near the famous Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Gardens, and in walking distance from Little Italy. Residential areas for students are housed in a hall on the Upper East Side, but many students choose to commute to the campus. Northeastern’s unique cooperative education model will give students a unique advantage once they graduate and are ready to enter the workforce. Institutional excellence is measured from data points including test scores, student-faculty ratios, and graduation and placement rates. The MBA is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis, with part-time students choosing from a 2-year accelerated program which is largely self-paced, or the world executive MBA, intended for mid to upper-level executives, with an emphasis on international business. Rooted in experiential learning, the international business program allows you to study business and economics in 15 countries throughout four continents. Fluency in a second language is gained by both classroom learning and actual use while working and studying abroad, resulting in a more proficient global perspective. Career opportunities for University of Wisconsin graduates range from international agencies and governments to foreign universities. As the name implies, this concentration goes hand in hand with a degree in international business, and requires students to spend at least one semester outside the country in a study abroad program, and requires students to be proficient in at least one additional language. From accounting to supply chain management and everywhere in between, there is a business program at Adelphi for you – including international business. Loyola undergrad students choose from over 60 programs of study and a wide array of extracurricular opportunities, from Greek organizations to religious groups like the Muslim Student Association and cultural groups like the school’s Anime Club. These traits earn Baylor and Hankamer School of Business an easy spot on this list. Finally, Eli Broad’s Global Business Club connects the business community at large with university students, resources, and research. Do I Have to Choose a Career That Fits My Major? The program combines functional business skills from accounting, finance, or marketing and complements them with companion classes expanding them into the world market. Students may also gain extensive and in-depth knowledge of international business as well as in specific areas of international business. The NC State Poole College of Management offers degrees in distinct disciplines of business: finance, business administration, economics, supply chain management, business analytics, and marketing. The courses at Liberty offer a uniquely comprehensive and faith-based perspective, in a professional academic atmosphere. This year's Best Colleges for International Business ranking analyzed 64 colleges and universities that offer a bachelor's degree in international business. In this program, students will be trained on factors which affect international trade and economics as well as political economy with a focus on a particular region. While there is no international business degree per se, there is a global management concentration at SUNY’s School of Management which supplements existing studies with international business electives and other courses from across the spectrum of international studies. Many of these schools offer a major in international business, while others treat it as a minor or area of concentration. The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Boston’s Northeastern University has consistently ranked as one of the top 25 business schools in the country by Businessweek, U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes. Students of international business at DePaul benefit from the Driehaus Center for International Business, which was founded in 1993 in order to foster the College of Business’ international development. The International Business (IB) Select Program is a prestigious cohort-based program for students who demonstrate leadership and the desire to make positive global change. At the end of the program, you may have to complete a capstone project (such as a dissertation) or take a comprehensive exam. The international business program is nearly 20 years old at the Moore School and has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation. For example, with a master’s degree in international business, you may find opportunities in: To be sure, a M.I.B. There are also programs which engage with the local community and in collaborative research with other students and faculty at Drake. Some of the classes in a graduate program in international business include intercultural communication and imports and exports. … Some graduate programs in international business may require real work experience and the ability to speak a second language. Helping you prepare and gain the most out of your educational experience. With over 2,000 undergraduate students and nearly 3,000 in its MBA program, the Stern School of Business is always bustling. An M.B.A., M.I.B., M.S., or M.A. Professionals in the criminal justice and law field interpret and enforce the law. Founded in 1821, GWU features a student body of more than 10,000 undergrads on a 43-acre campus situated in downtown Washington, D.C., making it an ideal choice for students who are interested in both city life and politics. An international business degree, or global business degree as it is sometimes known, is an academic degree with a focus on international business markets. Subscribe for information on earning a graduate degree. Be sure to check with your preferred program about the requirements needed. Farmer also has a reputation for sustainability, hands-on experience for students, and, of particular interest to international business students, a large and diverse array of study abroad programs. With a reputation for excellence in international education that spans over 100 years, Baylor University is a perfect choice for a business student seeking a truly international experience. Baruch College, like many others on this list, has been consistently ranked among the best colleges in the US for business degrees, and for international business degrees in particular. It is a very large school in terms of enrollment, among the largest in the nation with over 27,000 undergrads enrolled on a 762-acre campus. The department sponsors Loyola courses meeting on the main campus during regular semesters and culminates the program with international field studies in a variety of locales, including two recent field studies which focused on South America and Northern Europe. For this reason, every international business student finishes with two business degrees – one in a business related topic, and the other in international business studies. The Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in international business at Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business has become an important part of the department as a result. The FIU College of Business is ranked among the top 5% of business schools worldwide. This degree can act as a ‘proverbial’ backbone when it comes to jobs … The school’s Outdoor Pursuits and Adventure Resource Centers help students participate in camping, climbing, kayaking, and more. A small school despite its urban setting, Hamline has an undergrad enrollment of just over 2,000 on a 60-acre campus. International Business Dual Degree Program (IBDD) Poole’s International Business Dual Degree incorporates two years of study at NC State, two years of study at an international partner institution, two internships and two degrees from two institutions--all in four years! For those who do live off-campus, ORU offers an easy to use the online community to keep commuters connected to campus events and school news. The faculty at Mississippi College represents an exceptional amount of experience from across the business world, with 20 of the 22 faculty members in the College of Business holding a Ph.D. in their chosen field. The international business program at NC State is offered as a dual degree program complementing one of the school’s other business degrees. At St. Edward’s students are trained not only in the skills they need to succeed in international business, but also in how to think creatively and critically, making ethically sound decisions, and lead teams more effectively. To further develop knowledge in international business, many professionals and students pursue a graduate certificate in international business. International Business Graduate Programs may offer a curriculum that would lead to a Master’s and or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in international business. There is also a Bridge Program for students who transfer in from technical colleges. The faculty at the Poole College of Management are experts in these fields, and the department is home to over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This distinction, coupled with the experienced faculty and staff and the school’s proximity to the many opportunities in New York City, make Iona College and Hagan School of Business a unique and valuable opportunity for international business students. It features a full-time faculty of over 200, with over 70 additional adjunct instructors offering a broad array of international business programs at both the undergrad and graduate levels. It is a large school with a student body of nearly 20,000 undergraduate students on a 720-acre campus. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programs in International Business A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) prepares graduates to lead, consult and teach in corporate and academic arenas. Essentially, international business involves cross-border commercial and economic transactions between two or more countries. Students at Scheller have access to business-specific programs which take them to one of a number of different countries, enabling students to finish their International Business degree by actually studying internationally. After you complete the program, you may have to write a thesis, take a comprehensive exam, or complete another type of capstone project. A term you’ll frequently hear in the world of international business is globalization, which is the process a multinational company would take to eliminate barriers and make the free flow of services, goods, and capital across borders easier. At an undergraduate level, Scheller offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the undergrad version of an MBA, which can be earned in one of six major areas of study. Devoted to preparing world citizens through global education, Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) offers an unmatched legacy and landscape of global learning opportunities. This program is aimed to give Terry students the proper preparations to operate in the global marketplace. Those looking for even more advanced material will find plenty of specialized elective courses with which to supplement their degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 70% of businesses who have more than 100 employees offered full-time jobs to workers who started as interns – that’s a 70% shot at a full-time job straight out of your college internship! Its campus is quite large at 235 acres, and students of Brandeis are guaranteed housing for their first four semesters. OSU features more than 400 student organizations to consider, Greek life being a popular choice with around 3,000 students joining the various sororities and fraternities with chapters. Binghamton University is a public university and one of the State University of New York campuses. For those who are able to get in, it is well worth it, as Wharton offers some of the best undergraduate business degree programs in the nation. Oklahoma State University is a public university located in Stillwater, OK, which was founded in 1890. Tips and Tricks for Negotiating Financial Aid, Financial Aid for International Students Attending US Colleges. At the post-grad level, students have more than 100 fields to choose from for Master’s studies, including many in the Miller College of Business. The University of South Carolina works to ease the transition for students into college life, no matter when they attend.

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