Keep records of what you use to see if it works, especially if yoyu want to use at a lesser rate. Maximum Use Rates • Apply no more than 2 lb ae of triclopyr (2 quarts of Garlon 4 Ultra) Correct mixing procedure. For lower volume basal stem applications of Garlon 4 Herbicide to control seedlings, you would use 20-30 gallons of Garlon 4 in enough oil to make 100 gallons of solution. See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. Apply with a backpack sprayer using low pressure (20-40 psi). It is registered for the control of woody weeds and … MIXING WITH WATER 1. 15 gallon sprayer: Use 7.5 Grams of Escort + 4.8 oz (round to 5 oz) Syl-Tac 20 gallon sprayer: Use 10 Grams Escort + 6.4 oz (round to 6.5 oz) Syl-Tac 25 gallon sprayer: Use .5 oz of Escort + 8 oz Syl-Tac 50 gallon sprayer: Use 1 oz of Telar + 16 oz Syl-Tac REDEEM or CURTAIL or GARLON 3a: 2qt/acre rate=1.28 oz/gallon of water For most weeds the rate of Garlon 600 to apply is between 170 and 340 mL per 100 litres of water. Garlon 4 Ultra versus Garlon 4 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 GF-1529 (low) GF-1529 (high) XRM-4714 (low) XRM-4714 (high) Formulation and Rate Percent Control Scotch broom GF-1529 = Garlon 4 Ultra XRM-4714 = Garlon 4 2. Also effective as a late-season application. Other trade names include Access®, Crossbow®, ET®, PathFinder II®, Redeem®, and Remedy®. Who will be applying Garlon® 4 herbicide? On forestry sites, Garlon 4 may be used at rates up to 6 quarts (6 lb ae of triclopyr) per acre per year Garlon 4 may be used at rates up to 8 quarts (8 lb ae of triclopyr) per acre per year on non-cropland industrial manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way such as … The ester formulation is sold under the trade name Garlon 4® and is marketed in garden shops and hardware stores as Turflon Ester®. When do I mix Garlon 3A and Garlon® 4 Ultra with water and when do I mix with basal oil? Always mix Garlon® 3A or Garlon 4 Ultra with water for foliar applications with the addition of a nonionic or seed oil surfactant (e.g. Because of this improved control, crews and heavy machinery visit a right-of-way less frequently, thus, less impact on property near yours. I personally use 20% triclopyr in oil diluent (v/v%). Active Ingredients: Triclopyr Butoxyethyl ester 61.6% Foruulation Type: Ester Herbicide Mode of Action: 4 A vegetation manager plans treatments with Garlon 4 herbicide and oversees crew activities. Garlon 600 Herbicide contains the active ingredient Triclopyr, which has activity on a wide range of broadleaf weeds. These products also may be mixed with picloram or 2,4 … View the product label for Garlon 4 Ultra from Corteva Agriscience. If possible, mix Garlon 600 with clean water sourced from town supply or a rain water tank, although any source of clean water may be used. The Garlon 4 Ultra (triclopyr ester 60.45 percent) label indicates two types of basal bark treatments: Basal bark treatment: Mix 1-5 gallons of Garlon 4 Ultra in enough oil to make 100 gallons of mixture (1-5 percent). This breaks down to 25-38 oz of Garlon 4 per gallon of oil solution. Being triclopyr is expensive, if you can use less, that is better. Always mix Garlon 3A with water for cut stump treatments. Quick overview Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide is the liquid ester formulation for foliar and basal bark applications, and is effective on actively growing brush by penetrating the bark and entering the cambium layer. Make sure what your active is an ester if mixing with oil diluent. methylated seed oil). Garlon 4 controls unwanted brush and eliminates resprouting.

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