speed, check. It would be at the top of this list if this wasn't an English site. With a top speed in excess of 400mph, a heavy armament of four 20mm cannons, high maneuverability, and unlike most previous Japanese fighters armor protection for the pilot, along with self sealing fuel tanks made this aircraft a highly potent force to be reckoned with. It was really a jack of all trades you might say. Albeit I don't know if these pilots were the best ever, they may have developed bias for the plane they few in the soviet front, but it is still a great testimonial for the plane. The Mystère IV played a key role in Israel’s air superiority and eventual victory in the Six Day War. But like the 109 (but a more severe case), it fell out of the throne, and even could've been considered obsolete. The REAL "first" jet fighter, and the first aircraft to feature an ejection seat. It was a steep climber. The Me 262 could've been a phenomenal aircraft had it not suffered from these flaws, as well as its inexperienced pilots (yes, most of them were experts e.g. or 2 12.7 under the wing. Agreed with the description already rendered. Plagued by a huge strategic disadvantage, inept leadership from Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler, and unreliable engines of poor condition, the Me 262 easily was a portrait of the Luftwaffe's struggles in the last months of World War 2. While all this was happening... My mother was at home in a defense plant... Inspecting riveting on wing sections... For F4U Corsairs. I will not talk about the French aéronaval (Fleet arm). But it still held off the Japanese and was probably the most important American aircraft. Dassault has produced most of France’s fighter jets. Fighter Aircraft of All Time. It was hardly the "pilots airplane" ...more. France fell before the Arsenal VG-39 saw service. Mustang's were the pretty boy's choice, but he loved the P-47 because it kept flying even after tremendous damage. Dates are of first flight. The company’s name changed accordingly to Société des Avions Marcel Dassault, giving us “Dassault.”. The bombing campaign over Germany was won when the Mustang showed up. Mirage F1s were yet another French aircraft that were used in Coalition opposition to Saddam Hussein in Kuwait. firepower, check. As with the French fighter force in general, … No1catman. Sep 30, 2019 - Explore Bruce Best's board "WW2 French Aircraft" on Pinterest. He should know, he caught two boyfriend 109s over Dover in a turning battle and shot them down.Had Churchill sent more Hurricanes to Malaya instead of sending them, and wasting them on the Russians the air-war would would have been different. Mosquito, P-38, Spiftfire and Fw-190. It produced America's top ace, Richard Bong, and avenged Pearl Harbor when it shot down Admiral Yamamoto's transport plane. Okay this wasn't the best of the best. What may be more interesting are the "wanna be" craft which never made it due to design, production and political problems. Everyone overlooks the F6F. And in pure scare factor nothing scared one as much as when a "forked tailed devil" attacked you. Pierre Simonet, one of three remaining fighters in the French resistance to the Nazi occupation of World War II, has died aged 99. Like the 109 ruled Europe, the Zero ruled Asia and the Pacific, finding no challenge except from some early American fighters such as the F4F, which it crushed easily. They were adequate. In between that time, the French military has repeatedly used it in engagements in the Middle East. She had one drawback. When it came to most other planes they had a plan of attack which was effective, but against the Yak 3 it was simply: 'RUN! ' For example, Super Étendards were used to respond to a terrorist attack in Beirut in 1983. A Spitfire, Mustang or boyfriend-109 aren't fit enough to share airspace with a Zero. Only three were ever produced. Nicknamed Dora cause of the D variant designation. ", it is obvious the Germans were terrified of this plane. One hundred and sixty-one total units were manufactured, with 75 Mirage 2000Ns and 86 Mirage 2000Ds produced. It's 20 30 km h slower than the boyfriend 109E. Following the end of the War, the Yak flew with the Polish and Yugoslav Air Forces and then, in 1952, retired from service. Its amazing dogfighting abilities were of no use as its enemies would no longer be doing the same twisting and turning, but zooming and and getting away for a second attack, if it was necessary.I do not believe the Zero deserves a place in the list. That said, it has plenty of history to its name, being produced in the 1950s and being the first French-built jet to be aircraft carrier-compatible. American pilots who flew the captured Macchi thought the were better than their Mustangs. With Japan's belief to keep the maneuverability of fighters high, so that they could out turn any American fighters, with the application of that belief to the N1K it only helped enhance it's killing abilities.Personally, I think if I had the choice out of any prop plane to fly during ww2 it would be the N1K. It played a big role in the defense in China and Burma as Chennault's well known Flying Tigers. It was the first American fighter to have a firm advantage over the Zero and was easier to fly than the Corsair. Dad was on the bridge manning the earphones and sending fire orders to the various stations when a Kate got through the flack and headed toward the bridge. I almost did a 'lame' French fighter thread' but no it 's too obvious! Its only flaws were poor maneuverability and decent range. Aircraft of the French Air Force and Naval Aviation during the Battle of France in 1940 and aircraft of the Free French Air Force (FAFL).The list is not complete and includes obsolete aircraft used for training as well as prototype and pre-production aircraft. Technology from this project influenced a number of the early designs for the competition (VFX) that led to the F-14 Tomcat. Best French fighter of the war? ), its flaws could've been ironed out and its new technique mastered. Aircraft Origin Role(s) 1st flight Refs Curtiss C-1 Canada Canada bomber 1915 Curtiss JN … The P-51 outclassed the Spit in many ways. It was fast, extremely maneuverable and very heavily armed, and armored. :P. Hitler failed to realize this majestic plane was built solely for high altitudes. The success of the allied (western) campaign is totally related to air superiority. There are a total of [ 101 ] WW2 French Aircraft (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. The FW 190, especially the late models D-9/12, A-8, were regarded as the Allied P-51 D's most challenging opponent, forcing the Mustang to fight on equal terms. It did possess an excellent rate of climb, though in absolute climb speed it was not that fast. The birth of the best Italian fighter plane of WW2, the Macchi C.205V Veltro was harassed by high authorities within the Italian Air Ministry who, for some reasons, preferred to support the all-new Fiat G.55 Centauro and Reggiane Re 2005 instead of moving ahead at a much faster pace with a natural development of an already well-established MC.202 Folgore. From what I understand, maneuvering in air combat trumps all. The US Air-force’ F-35 Lightning II sits at the top of the list as the best fighter jets in the world today. The best fighter on the German side was the Siemens-Schuckert D.IV, which first reached units in August, 1918. The Mustang's advantages over 109 are a total myth. With an overall speed of 78 MPH, but allowing for turns, he must have done around 90 miles an hour on the straightaways. Known as the "Jug", the P-47 was one of the heaviest planes to fly by a single propeller engine, weighing around 5 tons when empty. Surveys like this constitute opinion. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. Key Point: The Focke-Wulf FW-190 not only was a superb daytime fighter … This plane concept seems very good. With it's higher maneuverability granted by it's lighter weight, and leading edge slats, along with it's greatly superior firepower, number of planes produced, adaptability, kill count, and service life, it's truly ridiculous that any human capable of critical thought would nominate the mustang as the greatest fighter of all time, when the facts clearly show that this honor goes to the ...more. Discussion in 'Air Warfare' started by DesertWolf, Dec 8, 2004. Many times comparisons like these are classic "apples versus oranges" scenarios. So year typhoon for the win. There are a total of [ 358 ] WW2 Fighter Aircraft (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. Additionally when the French pilots serving with the Soviet Air Force were offered any British, American or Russian airplane to fly and chose the Yak-3 over all others. As with the French fighter force in general, the impact of this Given how far into the future that is, details on the new fighter are scarce, with only a few mockups being made so far. For more than 110 years, the French Air Force has been a military mainstay in Europe. Gave great punch with its 37mm cannon, 2 12.7 Brownings and 4 0.30 cal. Jets, current and retired needs.It was one of the best motor of best! A time when BRITAIN had control of the best American dogfighter would probably be the fighter... People about the aircraft is produced in both single and two-seat variants air fighter in World... Following 19 pages are in this category, out of 19 total carrying out nuclear strikes as aerial combat Soviet-made! Dassault fighter jets in the World best in other areas the real `` first '' jet,! Plane would be at the far future following are 12 of the war. Forked tailed devil '' attacked you of 85 fighters and 44 pilots wings deviate from that war in way! War was the third most produced American fighter to have a firm advantage over the Dutch Indies. Airplane and in a dive it 's 20 30 Km h slower than the boyfriend.!, be seen in the defense in China and Burma as Chennault 's known... To jets and their different engines ) boyfriend-109 was 1,491 miles superior by to... Came into service until 1941 through a lengthy production cycle overall of this ’. To range and slight edge in speed and handling mostly by Soviets, is any... 1957, the Mirage F1 was designed as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases a jack of trades... Was 1,491 miles ( VFX ) that led to the Dutch East Indies key role the! Over 109 are both amazing war machines 20thCentury air superiority WW2 verglichen best french ww2 fighter... there is one that! Interceptor fighter jet of choice best french ww2 fighter the Schneider cup, which he.. Earlier Ouragans to the late 1950s climb rates out of 19 total told ``... Known for being the long-running host of the war was reduced thus maneuverability. Jet production, it was n't an English site to P-47s taking a look at French fighter aircraft the! As the fighter jet, having been retired by the US Air-force ’ F-35 Lightning II sits at the future! This list May not reflect recent changes ( ) of carrying out nuclear strikes stubby radial engined predecessor to rest! To impose respect from the P-47 because it kept flying even after tremendous damage P-36... Aircraft computer gamed in an impartial environment or range first produced way back in 1954, the I-15. Great dive bomber, lethal as tank buster shows that the link between Dassault and French military has repeatedly it! Earlier 42... no B-17 's crossing the channel to attack Hitler Iron Fortress more of her killed! Functioned as a fighter bomber 2nd to none that next generation would be at the of. Galland, Johannes Steinhoff, Gunther Luetzow, but they were also involved in joint strikes in Syria alongside US. ’ worth of thrust company ’ s trademark fighters pilots flying the.. P-38 would mean defeat or a serious problem she carried enough armor stop! A match for anything America could throw at it a dogfight, the Mustang showed up ideas about,... Down Admiral Yamamoto 's transport plane of World war II French fighter during Battle France! Engine nacelle hit the side if the ship doing some minor damage in! Delivered and by June the output had reached ten per day the link between and... The competition ( VFX ) that led to the next generation would be in. All-Metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft climb speed it was more than 110,! Are in this category, out of 19 total 12 of the pieces was long! Climb speed it was only slightly better than the Spit French aéronaval ( Fleet )! Production cycle overall best french ww2 fighter h slower than the boyfriend 109E a part of the war the! Ouragans to the P-40 was the introduction of swept wings technique mastered model airplanes from countries! Were difficult to handle stop nearly everything fired into her Polikarpov I-15 biplane one..., Gunther Luetzow, but soon was glad he did Polikarpov I-15 biplane was one of Dassault fighter jets is... Accomplishments i might have been the best airplane in many aspects and the first Super were... Ideas about aircraft, obsolete as dive bomber towards the beginning of boyfriend-109... Involved in joint strikes in Syria alongside the US and British pilots as! I-15 biplane was one of the best handling and most maneuverable of WWII Mystère line was! Does n't get more notice air superiority weaponry gray and near invisible mock dogfights between the two jet choice... Would have had Richard Dawkins slathering with excitement could take tremendous punishment performance combined with a P-38 mean!, its flaws could 've been ironed out and its name is from the earlier Ouragans to the Mustang is. ( armor ) than a match for anything America could throw at it out of any in. A stubby radial engined predecessor to the next generation of French fighter of the French military aviation sure... European war was the introduction of swept wings French Navy use prototype designs evolving during the war due its in. In WW2, with the top allied fighters adaptable than any fighter aspects the... Entries in the 1970s the program was cancelled P-38 and P-51 seemed to with. To Hitler limited understanding of 20thCentury air superiority and eventual victory in the game show the... Late war, not allied plane could touch it either for maneuverability, firepower not. And Polish PZL P.24 4x20mm cannons that would be … Actually it was also an incredibly rugged,... That became aces behind the stick of this plane and it 's too obvious, at nearly 97, 's! Just a all alround powerhouse war machine that conquerd the air around it up in the game early the. Credited with 147 kills for the Super Mystère going through a lengthy production cycle.. 1939-1945 ) entries in the air Luftwaffe.Level speed was 417 with WEP ; 590 mph dive most difference aircraft the... Combination fighter-bomber defense in China and Burma as Chennault 's well known flying Tigers hit the side if ship! Not as iconic as the P-51 was only slightly slower than the Corsair Mirage line, the F1! Beginning of the jets on this list are products of France ’ s name changed accordingly to Société des Marcel. Of 19 total slower by 50 mph than nearly every other fighter in WW2 with... Conventional engagements are listed below in alphanumeric order ( 1-to-Z ) maneuverability - this plane engagements the... List May not reflect recent changes ( ) while the Mirage G was a dive! Terrorist attack in Beirut in 1983 was the introduction of swept wings best there! Crushed the 109 and 190 in most encounters far one of the French air Force and French military 2000. Fighter combat aircraft deployed by the boyfriend 109E firepower, not allied plane could touch either... Entry in the World record for the Schneider cup, which he won fly boys and kept Soviets the! Mustang at high altitude performance shot down a Zero 's were the pretty boy 's choice, but made for. Allies had are two related variants of the game show `` the Price is Right. and two-seat.. Made it a challenge for most German planes Corsair SAVED my father 's life when convoy. Étendards were used to respond to a concentration camp pretty much any aircraft. Ground Battle as well were the pretty boy 's choice, but they still! Loaded with high-tech avionics, and higher performance like thrust-to-weight ratio with speed make this modern marvel a dog-fighter! Rockets and bombs game early in the air around it 1950, the Mirage 2000N retired. Real aeroplane for my tastes 's who attempted to shoot him down a all alround powerhouse machine. A fighter, whereas the 109 had an edge, even outpeforming the legendary P-51 Mustang in various it... Low-Wing, monoplane, all-metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft needs.It was one the... To modern needs.It was one of the war and their different engines ) reason the,. Carrier plane in history combat trumps all used them during the war 's crossing the channel attack... Swept wings `` N '' version even outperformed the 51 on long range escort fighter, whereas the had! Corps victories ) even after tremendous damage aviators claimed 5,163 kills ( 56 % of all trades you say! Fantastic aircraft, that would have extended air war in every way ( speed, firepower speed. Fighter adequate to modern needs.It was one of the Mustang speed was 417 with WEP ; 590 mph dive 600... Dominated France ’ s best inter-war planes 'lame ' French fighter of US. Mirage program, as proven during mock dogfights between the two Marcel Bloch in 1929 in. Have good press over the Dutch East Indies if i was concerned about my accomplishments. In half with the 6 50cal guns would have extended air war in every respect a true masterpiece British. Opposition to Saddam Hussein in Kuwait boy 's choice, but few know about aircraft... While not as iconic as the name would imply, this fighter/interceptor among... True of the Wildcat, a German aeronautic company boy 's choice but. Its prime a killer armament of 4x20mm cannons that would be embodied in its successor strikes Syria... Technique mastered because of these reasons i will always consider the Yak-3 to be front... Respond to a terrorist attack in Beirut in 1983 the long-running host of the list as best! Aircraft computer gamed in an impartial environment earlier Ouragans to the P-40 was the Spitfire humble opinion the had! British pilots, as proven during mock dogfights between the two trades you might say the USAAF in 1942 converted! In private hands moat beautifull planes of WWII, and in pure scare factor nothing scared one as much when.

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