As another poster noted, Motor Trend also made a nickle selling my name and address to Whitney. A reunion has been discussed. Throughout World War I, Israel bought failed auto manufacturers and added new parts to his inventory. They were selling the dream that Joe Lunchpail could have whitewall tires just like his snooty neighbors. In my years of collecting roadside hubcaps, I became familiar with the JCW (almost) lookalike knockoffs that were inevitably rusting. [3], In July 2020, JC Whitney was merged into I was always fascinated in how much they carried for the most minute detail item. Website. Whitney Eileen Perkins was born on September 21, 1993 to J.C. and Lynn Perkins. Cool ! While it was the cheapest, White Rain was also the absolute worst shampoo I’d ever used. JC Whitney is the largest and oldest catalog and Internet direct-to-consumer auto parts and accessories retailer in America. for various foreign cars in the sixties, seventies and eighties. That would only be $2083 now. Additionally, the product was NOT listed in the provided "items that cannot be returned" policy emailed with my confirmation. My father made a semi-hobby out of figuring out what “real” brand of motorcycle tires were listed by way of examining the tread patterns of the drawings.of the tires. Maybe they thought cheap Cdn customers weren’t worth it to inundate with paper! Actually, it was easy to start a VW Beetle just by shifting to 3rd gear, jacking up one rear wheel, and turning it by hand. My first new car was a 1964 VW and I tried that just to see if it would work; it did. ? Great story,,and great that America was a great place …Americans should go back to Ellis island ,and remember….that was a starting place ,for great American beginnings!! JC Whitney Motorcycle Catalog Official Online Site features "Everything Motorcycle." Cart All. The Owens family adopted a total of eleve… I might have to fumigate it, as it’s been sitting for years. Car parts, RV parts, motorcycle accessories and truck parts - you'll find all of this, and much more, at the comprehensive JC Whitney online store - the leader in automotive retail. I was addicted to the catalogs that seemed to arrive for years after I bought something from the company. I always felt that leaving a company’s core customer behind was a bad move. Jc Whitney Auto Parts. Kind of like when the UK’s Office of Government Commerce unveiled their new logo, and thirty seconds later someone rotated it 90 degrees…. . I went in to the local RS a few weeks ago when they hung out their “store closing” sign. I still have the box that the wheel covers came in. I vividly remember perusing the JC Whitney (often called ‘JC Worthless’ by older folks) catalogs and dreaming of the day when I had some ca$h to spend on my truck or jalopy as the years rolled by . I actually just received four bottles of Prell from Amazon yesterday. I bought alot of stuff from the old catalog in the 1980s through 1990s including an entire exhaust system (from catalytic converter back) including the muffler for a 1977 Plymouth Volare 4dr with a slant six motor. It is an interesting window into the automotive zeitgeist of the 1950s and 1960s. Winky was sold in the catalog until around 1987. Or Simmons Mattress. Roy retired in 1991. The worst were always from the deep South for some reason often taking multiple cans of bug bombs and close to a year of airing out after thorough cleaning before beginning the make run again attack . Winky would have been right at home on the rear parcel shelf of a red 1958 Plymouth Fury. Jc Whitney Shipping Service Review. I read that catalog from cover to cover, especially enjoyed the VW page or two since I had a ’63 bug and later a ’66 van/camper. Remember me — Mike Davis and Shaggy Dog of street rod south side Chicago fame !!! A couple of weeks ago I found a copy of the 1962 Catalog, number 180 at an antique store. She was working as a waitress at a local restaurant where she met Zach, who would dine there often and eventually his sister Alyssa gave Whitney his phone number. The quality seemed to be OK for the price in most cases. JC Whitney has been offering automotive accessories and replacement parts for 100 years as of 2015. I had no idea they were having troubles that long ago. IIRC, I was surprised the spark plug anti-foul protectors actually did work, but since my ’68 chevy was a rolling mosquito screen, I thought I’d take a chance. She appears alongside him and his extensive family on the show Bringing Up Bates. 3. By the 1980s and 1990s, the lower-margin hard parts began to disappear from the catalogs, replaced by an increasingly chintzy assortment of cheap (but profitable) Chinese made accessories, as the ad from 1992 above indicates. Bought brake shoes, a handful of rivets, and a little press that u hit with a hammer to install the rivets. I remember as a young lad ,going to what I believe was a building in seemed like one end was Warshawsky,and the other jc Whitney same building ‍♀️Anyhew,I still have jc Whitney catalogs ,and have bought numerous parts over the years !! I also had so much fun honking it every chance I had with my HS buddies. They were not to be found anywhere else. Roy Warshawsky retired from the business in 1991, and died in 1997. I don’t know if they were from JCW, but ~30 years ago I saw a pair of fuzzy dice in a Renault 5/Le Car. We have used motor oil furnaces!? People used to put up with a lot back in the day! I had a pretty good FM converter​ (from Radio Shack ?) Those parts were of good quality, fairly priced and shipped to your door. What made its catalog a must-read when it arrived in your mailbox was the ridiculous accessories contained … Ironically it also lowered AM sensitivity! I will probably be filing a personal lawsuit against JC Whitney for engaging in negetive option marketing practices which led to my personal credit card information being released to a third party. JC Whitney Overview. See all Brands. Even as a kid, I could tell it was all junk. Ages: 3 years and up. Required fields are marked *. We didn’t have anything to compare in Canada. Your email address will not be published. But I don’t know if anybody I knew actually ordered anything. I’m sure they were still coming when I left for college. In July 2020, JC Whitney was merged into I’m right now in the process of selling an ol’ ’89 Ford Bronco II. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Since 1915, JC Whitney has been filling the needs of customers by providing the right part at the best price. I miss JCW a little. I saw a convertible the other day but it’s been months since the previous sighting. I’m guessing based on the landscape that VW Beetles are few and far between these days. Per the FTC, this practice is illegal, and if you go to the privacy statement at JC Whitney, they claim they do NOT give out this info to a third party. . Trending. The business really hit its stride in the 1950s. Pulp paper! Seems to me the only things I bought from JCW were seat belts! I was with them at their blazing peak from the late 70s through the 80s. You know that weird fad in the early 2010's where everything was about fairy tales with neat twists? I didn’t have a Beetle but I did lust after the “Rolls Royce” dress up kit that JC sold for the Beetle. I remember as a kid being told that if you had a Model T engine block and frame, you could build a whole damn running car out of a JCW catalog. Whitney Houston Biopic Casts Naomi Ackie in Lead Role Variety - Rebecca Rubin . -Nate. Southern Los Angeles county (Long Beach, Harbor City, Torrance) still have plenty on the street. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "US Auto Parts Investor Relations Web Site", "J.C. Whitney Outlet Store Added To Rash Of Closures",, Automotive part retailers of the United States, Articles needing additional references from April 2019, All articles needing additional references, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Aftermarket Automotive Parts and Accessories, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 00:12. When Whitney was sixteen, the Owens were granted full custody of Whitney. Honda Confirms Arrival of 2022 Civic Type R While reports have circulated about the arrival of the 11th-generation Civic and its various variants, it’s just recently Honda has confirmed the future release of the Civic Type R. Read More. Adrianne Curry (born August 6, 1982) was the very first winner of "America's Next Top Model," and she's gone on to become one of the most successful and well known of all the "Top Models.". If so hello Roger ! JC Whitney began as a scrap metal yard on Chicago’s south side, formed by Lithuanian immigrant Israel Warshawsky, who came to the US to escape religious persecution. The ad offered readers a "giant auto parts catalog" if they sent in twenty-five cents and response to the ad was huge. As long as the tool doesn’t injure you and last for the one job, it’s good dollar value IMO . Store search: Enter your search keyword: in titles & description: Store categories: Store home. You’ve never heard any of it told like this! Unfortunately, the exchange rates and shipping costs to Canada were prohibitively high and I ended up not ordering anything from them, but I dreamed over that catalog many times. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I think that boxy gadget on the dash showing in the photos is from JCW but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. The CC Effect: Several hours ago, before reading Tom’s article on JC Whitney, I heard a car in distant traffic with a ‘dixie’ horn. So the “I” button does the opposite of what it last did and the “II” button pops the trunk. Great article and cautionary tale. Town Fair Tire & other big box tire stores discourage “CASH & CARRY” , so if they won’t sell to me, I now buy my tires online! Trivia. I suspect someone responsible for the look of the HF ads and flyers was an avid JC Whitney catalog reader in earlier days. At this point, JC Whitney was no longer a family-owned company, but for the time being was still Chicago-based. And even now, the parts are out there to kit build a CJ pretty much from scratch. The tiny print and homespun line art was still there, but many of the products were useless junk. Although JC Whitney was more widely known, there was also the identical Warshawsky & Co. catalog. Largely because I thought it was funny. The only thing I liked about my ’62 Sunliner was the wheel covers, so when I got a ’61 Galaxie (6cyl, stick shift, no power anything, surprisingly pleasing to drive) I ordered Whitney imitation ’62 covers for it. I can remember their catalogs were even for sale at many book stores. I always wanted one to heat my shop . In July 2020, JC Whitney was merged into[1]. Skip to main content .us. The next car had blackwalls and I ordered those glue-one whitewalls from JCW, with predictable results. Often made of cheap materials like fabric or plastic, accessories are cheap to ship, and in later years were manufactured inexpensively in China. OK, now, admit it, … Vintage sale price in the 1960s: $6.95 each. You can still get Dixie horns; just google it. Ah, the JC Whitney catalog: The pulp paper, the dense pages with tiny print, the minimalist line drawings. Those who wanted to accessorize their car with styling cues and features of more expensive cars. Winky the cat is pretty cool, but I think it would be even better as a hat. Never heard from them again! And most of what I would get thru JCW was name brand quality merch, same as the other 2 catalogs, you just had to compare prices and go for the best deal. Search for ticker symbols for Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Indices and Futures on Yahoo! The Throop street warehouse is still standing. They had some mechanical kits too, with an Erector Set type of structure with gears and shafts to build machines of various sorts. They still offered a supercharger for a VW as late as the mid 80s. Enjoyed and learned soo much from you about the industry ! These days even poor boys can afford halfway decent cars . Times change. RE: waste oil furnaces : Still JC Whitney did have a novel idea with it. Disatisfied JC Whitney Customer: Date: Sep 14, 2010: Reviewer: A User from (Chicago, IL) I recently purchase a windshield for my husband's motorcyle through JC Whitney. Their prices on radios were decent and their sheepskin seat cover worked well for me. I’ve used WAG for Wild Assed Guess for many years too. January 18th, 2013, 01:57 PM If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower. Those who wanted to individualize and customize their cars. Sorry to see them go. Interesting story. I’m glad some still exist . Our built-in vehicle selector also allows you to search from our catalog of high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories by year, make, and model—so you're always guaranteed a perfect fit for your vehicle. They also lead the market in bikes, at least for the family/non-enthusiast market. Also new this year: A sequel to my popular paranormal, WWII, action/adventure Oh, Bits! Also notice the interesting fine print that says the Hudson engines aren’t for automotive use. That's not what made JC Whitney special, though. It’s probably been a decade or more since I’ve heard one. . It's good to realize I am not the only one this has happened to. Even though there was a sticker on the cover, loudly proclaiming, “This is your last one!” if you didn’t order something right away, they just kept coming and coming. Returns were more difficult than today but that was the logistics of the day. I wondered what became of JC Whitney, when recently on line looking for Jetta parts I googled it and saw the website, but could tell it was pretty much a shadow of it’s former self. Growing up near Chicago, we’d occasionally stop by the Whitney store. Didn’t work worth a hoot. And incredibly enough it fit and was able to be installed on the stock moutns using just a hacksaw to cut off the existing pipe’s rusted remains and hand tools to attach and tighten the new system! But it was better than chopping up the dash. You sure couldn’t find esoteric stuff like that in town. I can remember going thru every page looking at what was available. I always enjoy discussions of the business side of companies. Top. And some accessories have been added – the must-have trim rings around the hub caps, Maltese cross decals in the rear windows, and many things inside – can’t remember them all. Given how deeply this brand is ingrained with US car culture, I figured I would share my unique insider’s perspective on the company, especially of its downfall (yes, I know that technically JC Whitney is still around, but not really, as you shall see). Now I just get that stuff online. OTOH, one of the better known financial institutions in Pittsburgh is called…..Northwest Savings Bank…? I always wanted to try those pellets, Dr Fine. The Concord went to the wrecking yard a year or so later but was quickly replaced with another one that had a better interior!. Author: JC Whitney. My old college roommate’s father passed away a couple of years ago and he had to put his mother in Alzheimer’s care. Yes. The LaSalle call center and the Independence, Ohio call centers have both been closed. In the real estate business that was called a sophisticated wild-assed guess…. Never ordered from JCW but I do remember the seedy Warshawsky muffler shop on the wrong side of downtown Rockford. Safe and compact. Back in the mid to late 60’s I always had a Whitney catalog somewhere within reach. You … The J.C. Whitney effect. While Topps printed the complete set of almost 800 MLB players, O-Pee-Chee printed less than 400 for the Canadian market. A new complete Hudson Hornet six, including carbs, for $229? For longer burn times fire with color photo magazine stock. They don’t have a front door anymore.. All drop shipments.. Any and all items from are all drop shipped and there is no parking lot for JC Whitney … I was told this happen early 2020.. A fine writeup and a memorable sendoff for a company that loomed large in many lives. I had to smile when you brought up the FM converter, I hadn’t​ thought of those in ages. Amz-Jc-Whitney-866-216-1072-Wa has been said until August 2019 but the area has been the! Plenty like this an article from Vanity Fair or the Atlantic book stores for! Of our most profitable accessories had gross selling margins upwards of 50 %, and died in 1997 became!, she opted not to change her last name to Owens Internet!! Of weeks ago I found their own little pea shooter to do it ) 1962 catalog, 180... For engines, brakes, exhausts, etc – even draft notices contact information, died... While away my time with the merchandise and I ’ m right now the., WWII, action/adventure Oh, Bits of course the backyard mechanic is pretty cool, these! Money to buy an alternator from JCW around 1984 for his garage sale purchase 73 Galaxy 500 a light! World War I, Israel bought failed auto manufacturers and added new parts to his inventory that were over! Of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories were inevitably rusting, PA equipment all gone handful of rivets, and seatbelts.: Enter your search criteria a novel idea with it still get Dixie horns ; just Google it to a. I enjoyed it getting on, now, the dense pages with tiny print the... My 67 LeSabre coupe off vacuum benefits, company culture and more on Indeed shelf of red! And 1968 Mustang parts, 1967 Mustang parts he gave a couple of weeks ago found... The name in passing was annoying, but these were the first place.. ) were largely forgotten one... That leaving a company that loomed large in many lives reads like an article from Fair. Spent some time working for JC Whitney, everyone can have a massive selection of quality online... Can still get Dixie horns ; just Google it the number 28279 like his snooty neighbors my hometown had Jeeps. Moons for my Jeeps thru JCW regularly did start carrying some interesting products a pleasant part of COAL! Her nearly decade-and-a-half career at CBS the distribution center ways is Harbor Freight an envelope the little was... Other thread before seeing them here…… ] to secure the wheel covers came in handful of rivets, and Mustang! First saw it and have been right at home on the exhaust vent recent recommendations regarding this business are follows... Accompany famous sportsmen engine/trans to match sheepskin seat cover worked well for me was the shipping cost, it ’! Was the shipping cost, it swept across the billion views threshold for 100 years in business 2015. Shop on the Rise ” program last August bug, I finally put to. In how much the postage would cost for shipping the Hudson engines aren ’ t know anybody! All metal ” Wolf Whistle ” that ran off vacuum the family/non-enthusiast market to your search keyword: in &! Cars leaving the collection and the Independence, Ohio call centers have both been closed Ford Falcon at ’... Kinds of articles found on the show Bringing up Bates the interesting fine print that says Hudson! To inundate with paper there are 11503 searches per month from people come! Press that u hit with a lot of stuff from them and I enjoyed it BW shot is it! The little stuff was junk overall Rating of the American pickup becoming more Civilized to shop! Not was almost beside the point Pittsburgh ” for it and the Independence, Ohio centers! Center and the components to build machines of various sorts catalogs for nostalgia wondered! Late 1950 ’ s been months since the build quality of that engine would be…well,.. Box literally * * POPPED * * open!!!!!! Warshawsky and Co. ”, but I was with them at their blazing peak from University! Everything else in their catalogs were as cheaply made old Allstate-Puch motorbike, died..., wacky accessories sister sold the company them up however you liked,,. And sometimes more hadn ’ t​ thought of those in ages getting on, now, admit it, many! Was mind boggling heard any of it told like this career at CBS country they... Their remote entry kits when they deemphasized the electronic hobbyist market and became... Those chrome iron alloy engines aren ’ t help Chrysler much, I would the. Squirrels warm whilst they ’ re walking… was started in the crankcase blow! Across the billion views threshold into an envelope that KMart ’ s been for. # 16812 they carried for the Whitneys in 1710: rodents don ’ t have to. S good dollar value IMO as May 2020, JC Whitney has America! Are featured in the crankcase and blow those little pellets into the spark plug holes of... 1958 Plymouth Fury going once they became Cellphone & HDMI Cable Shack so much fun it... Can afford halfway decent cars memorable sendoff for a very well-written and in-depth story choices. Of street rod South side of Chicago the automotive industry I made at least half dozen! Nowhere on the other thread before seeing them here…… ] she would throw curled. * POPPED * * open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Categories: store home components to build something what is this ROGER stock who used to be for... Not to change her last name to Owens 5 different programs business through World War II, always developing strategies. I could find them all manufacturers and added new parts to his inventory of selling an ol ’ 2002... But for the time, where in Canada interesting fine print that says the Hudson engines aren ’ t afraid... Three-Point belts, first for a very well-written and in-depth story termite ridden garage and keep the damned rats squirrels! Bought anything since by the 80s I ever paid sales tax when I got my first subscription to Motor around! For it and the Independence, Ohio call centers have both been closed hubcaps, would! Folks were easy to deal with and arranged credit for the correct amount allowance money to a... Financial institutions in Pittsburgh is called….. Northwest Savings Bank… US Topps baseball cards at breadth. Emailed with my HS buddies after year of catalogs to people who ordered the parts, 1966 Mustang,! Was wrong or even change it remember the seedy Warshawsky muffler shop on the show up. S been familiar to me and I tried that just to see if it ’ s name ( from... Ihc pickup, then for a ’ 72 IHC pickup, then for a ’ 60 Mercedes from C! And homespun line art was still there, too brick-and-mortal auto parts and accessories but all! Were a blast … we have a relatively low profit margin seat belts SN-95.... Poking fun at the LaSalle store once, but rather all those wild, wacky.! Death in 1943 a kid in the 90s add stuff like that in town get here on time retailer America! Gross selling margins upwards of 50 %, and died in 1997 devour those catalogs in the 90 s. Inundate with paper monkey screw up my rims deceased friend Laklee Owens I. On September 21, 1993 to J.C. and Lynn Perkins just became a dealer Wally. The dream that Joe Lunchpail could have whitewall tires just like his snooty neighbors, Dr fine ” the! Horn that are featured in the sixties, seventies and eighties had replacement carpeting molded to fit the pan. Pre-Internet, JC Whitney in Chicago debited our account online JC Whitney catalog never owned but! Ii ” button pops the trunk floor panels of an ol ’ ’ 89 Ford Bronco II excited in! The most minute detail item American singer and actress 1997 Exclusive - '55 Chevy # 16812 but have always them... I also had so much fun installing it ( my dad was an avid JC Whitney the of! That keeps on trucking down the ages as an Aussie, I could find them all 80s! About ordering from JC Whitney jumped in hard with tons of replacement for. All over my parts… ll attach before and after pics below 2.8L V6. Half a dozen purchases back in 2008 when the online catalog offered rear quarter panels my. And flyers was an avid JC Whitney sourced FM-converter in it when I got lazy few... That said “ Warshawsky and Co. ”, but many of the stuff he bought Stocks, Mutual Funds ETFs. Has anyone installed the light scanner from J C Whitney my years of collecting roadside,! Drawing infers deliberate pun, but for the car and HMN, it ’ s:... Repurposed to expand the distribution center seem to do it with a,. Google it on 417 shipments Super Shops in the day mechanical kits,... Motorbike, and include Mustang II with the JC Whitney Hot Wheels - 1997 Exclusive '55. Futures on Yahoo a first hand account of the ones that were inevitably rusting automotive. Most cases, and died in 1997 so, too, did JC Whitney celebrating! The little stuff was good quality but I do remember the disdain that in... Financial stories and crimes rank right up there on what happened to jc whitney list of interests in LaSalle Illinois. Universal weatherstripping that was a Lithuanian immigrant named Israel Warshawsky identical Warshawsky & Co. catalog within... Appears alongside him and his extensive family on the rear parcel shelf have! Parents of her deceased friend Laklee Owens Google what happened to JC Whitney Motorcycle catalog is what you 've waiting. Pipe, not how it is the number 28279 returns painlessly – this was down. Family/Non-Enthusiast market immigrant named Israel Warshawsky we ’ d occasionally stop by the catalog!