For a guide on reporting an issue please visit our help section. Hello Squaddies, We got some exciting news for you this month, and boy has it been busy. Flexible unit. Small server for gaming, feel free to invite your friends so we can grow a small community around FPS games. Featured Mods. You can even create a unit under our command! Discord; Other Games. Come By If You Have Any Questions. We welcome all types of arma players new or old, we have a very active and welcoming community that'll help you get settled it. If you are interested DM are Squad leader "Tusk of Tantor [DIXX]#1564" on discord. Rank: #810, Players: 0/80, Address:, Status: dead, Location: United States The following tips are for Hell Let Loose, Squad, and Post Scriptum. My name is Zipper (Jesse in real life) I'm Bravo Company's First Sergeant. Server ile alakalı hertürlü desteği sağlamak ve kurallarımızı oyuncularımza sağlamak amacı ile kurulmuştur. We are a serious Milsim with active military members and real life experience. Please contact their support directly. The United Hollow Republic is a fictional nation with fictional events and entities. DOFUS is a top down tactical turn-based MMORPG with a unique and astonishing artstyle. We’re looking for mature, active people (on average at least once per week), who want to take their Squad gaming experience to the next level with like-minded players looking for a sense of community, structure, and focused team play. Our Discord. The British Veterans ARMA Regiment is a UK/EU based clan. We're a Arma 3 Milsim community with a disciplined but relaxed leadership style. Question? We’re looking for mature, active people (on average at least once per week), who want to take their Squad gaming experience to the next level with like-minded players looking for a sense of community, structure, and focused team play. BVAR. Looking for a casual milsim unit to start playing mods with. I and many others are Eastern Time. Now, the question is how do you join?, firstly join our Discord: and then proceed to ping a Recruiter and they will get you settled. Serwer jednostki JW Żniwiarz do gry ArmA 3. Official discord server of the Joint Security Organisation. Tap. Wir sind Multigaming Sunshine. **Welcome to the Vet-Detta Gaming Community, here are our house-rules:**. Out of respect for the serving PWRR, the MilSim is based upon a Non-Commissioned Structure. We are an English milsim unit. Bei uns sind alle Spiele Willkommen. More information can be found on our Discord! We're an Escape from Tarkov well established community seeking to expand on Squad with a new Discord, to offer the best server and community to our players like we always did! It will feature Combined Arms warfareon maps up to 16km², which will include land vehicles such as IFV, APC, Tanks, ground attack aircrafts and helicopters, alongside infantry. Join Us On Discord! Previous General Unit Experience: Led 2 Units Previously, missions for said units. Hover. This Discord is for Squad game server administration contact and community hangout! Di discord Squad Indonesia. Question? Feel free to drop by on discord: For any questions, ... still recruiting to expand to a second platoon! Welcome to the Thunderdome! A total conversion mod for Squad set in the Star Wars Universe. A complete new faction. New players welcomed. We are highly immersive and proffesional. Not into anything too crazy like mandatory play time, kind of just a drop in and play group since I work alot. (Discord Me Report Guide), Need Discord Me support? We are a active community that enjoys playing games together. Next to our milsim operations, we frequently play other games with members; Squad/Rainbow Six Siege and less tactical games are on that list. After a long search we discovered that they do not exist thus our community started! on 2 new maps. About the 10-MD. While MilSim operation in ARMA are how we started, we also play many other titles such as COD:MW, Squad, Star Citizen, DayZ, Valorant, LoL, and more! Each squad and fireteam is a close-knit unit of a bigger family, and we operate “forward as one” at all times. Are you 506 material? Hello, We A Building A Big Community we Have 250+ People in the discord and would love for you to Join. Relaxed milsim. Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay, emphasizing both strong squad cohesion mechanics as well as larger scale coordination, tactics and planning. (NO this is not a MilSim… - TeamSpeak³ and Discord Attendance: - At least 1 Main Operation and one Field Training Exercise a month. While some of us are Active Duty or Retired Military/LE, we do not directly associate or look to impersonate any real countries or military departments. French Legion On Squad. Tempat berkumpulnya Pemain Game Squad Indonesia, If you are new to our games or Discord, hover over the images below for tips and suggestions that will help get you up-to-speed quickly. We have a simple yet organized command structure with a ton of space for expansion. The operations are Zeus made missions but we also have auto-generated missions such as Dynamic Recon Ops and Liberation. WHO WE ARE ... group cohesion is our upmost priority. Issues related to our site (Discord Me) should be reported here or in our Discord Support Server. Zapraszamy wszystkich Polaków, którzy chcą się zabawić :). Squad Mod France. This Mod is 30GB Big. Squad success relies heavily on teamwork and communication; featuring built in VoIP, with “Local” chat for players with a certain proximity, “Squad” chat that is focused on player within your s… Arma Ireland is an Arma unit that tries to replicate the 3rd battalion in the Irish Defence Forces. It's not yet released, it will be in about 2 weeks! Availability: weekdays around 10pm and Weekends around 11pm I don't mind downloading mods ACRE2, custom mods. Squad is a large scale 40v40 combined arms multiplayer first-person shooter emphasizing combat realism through communication, team play, tactics, and planning on the battlefield. MILSIM TACTICAL We are a Squad gaming community who have long been looking for a hardcore server. We would love to have a play test at the end of December or early January.