Your source for ’67 Beetle restoration tips, classifieds, and Beetle stories from around the globe. jay. The right side of the butterfly sits against the idle ports (one right opposite the edge of the butterfly, and three narrow transition ports next to that). on the top of the carburettor bowl. The Power Fuel System for the Deluxe ’67 Beetle uses no Check Ball and has a Jet opening of 0.50. Ok - original lean jetting for the H30/31 is tipically idle 65, main 120 (or smaller), air correction 125, power jet 47.5. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. There were actually many VW distributors ending in 205 and they differ significantly. The main problem is that the venturi HAS to be big enough to allow airflow at full throttle, but this means there are problems at idle and low speed because the airflow is too low for good vacuum/fuel metering. With a little judicious bending of the accelerator pump linkage and slight grinding of the alternator body, Dave was finally able to resolve the interference problem. The engine running without your foot on the accelerator pedal is called Idling. This assures that the engine has a high idle speed when cold (or it would stall), but the idle speed reduces to normal as the engine warm up. This is the idle fuel cutoff valve (solenoid). 3. Miscellaneous Notes/Questions and The 30PICT/3, 31PICT/3, H30/31 and 34PICT/3 all have two adjusting screws in the left side (the smaller Volume and larger Bypass screws) and a fast-idle screw on the throttle arm. Automatic Choke Do not forget to read about Volkswagen BEETLE problems, recalls and complaints. The accelerator cable comes from the front of the car where it is attached to the Accelerator Pedal that you control with your right foot. Carburetor Repair Kit. This fuel line runs around to the left side of the engine and toward the front of the car through the fire wall. Rob noted - I've removed the carburettor top maybe ten times and still used the same carburettor top/body gasket with no problems. Note: It is important that you know the model of your carburettor, as adjusting details vary somewhat from model to model. Jay, A look into the Throat of the Carburetor reveals the Brass Power Fuel Supply Tube-Jet which dispenses gasoline directly from the Fuel Bowl down the Throat of the Carburetor. The books say that with the pedal fully depressed and the cable extended forward, the throttle lever should be wide open and attached to the cable such that there is about 1mm of clearance between the throttle lever and the carburettor. Dual Carburettors Buying a used car? In fact, we raised our family in these cars. The 28 series carburettor is really too small for the 1600cc engine. Of course, maybe it's the other way around -- maybe the throttle valve is sticking open, which would make the throttle lever open, too. © Lane Russell LLC - You might be able to see bright 'rub' marks if the butterfly itself is binding on the sides, or on the outer edges (near where it closes). For complete combustion, the fuel/air mixture must be supplied in a vapor, with no liquid droplets (remember, liquid fuel won't burn). Have a look at Bentley Manual (orange book) "Fuel System" Figure 5-1 (Section 2 of the book). Engine; if it continues as a single pipe from head to head, Stepped cam which holds a fast idle when the choke is operating. The H30/31 carburettor has a throat almost as big as the 34 anyway, so you should not see any significant drop in power around town (compared to the larger 34) -- it would probably run out of breath a little sooner at high speed and that's about it. Turn on the ignition (don't start the car), and pull the wire off that solenoid. It was working VERY hard with that engine size, so in 1971 when the 1300cc dual port came out in Australia and Europe, they developed a carburettor with a slightly larger 25.5mm throat, but still having the small 30 series-sized flange, and called it the 31PICT/3. which splits right and left and carries the fuel/air mixture from Carburetors for other applications (Karmann Ghias, Buses) were stamped appropriately. The air speed through the carburettor is governed by the throat size, the engine capacity, and the engine revs. Carburetor Return Spring. Or, if working by myself, I find that I can come very close by adjusting the cable as follows: With the idle screw against the very bottom of the stepped cam, pull the cable back finger-tight and snug down the screw to secure the cable. It had 1600 cylinders, with single port head and 30PICT/3 carburettor. See the jetting suggestions above. We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411 & 412 Volkswagens. Standard Version. If not, the engine will run rich at medium-high throttle. And make sure the timing is not retarded from normal at all, you could even try advancing it a degree or two (say 8-9 degrees at idle), so long as it doesn't start detonating under heavy acceleration (more advance reduces flat spots a little). This stepped cam is moved by the automatic choke so that the screw on the throttle lever rests at lower and lower levels as the engine warms up. Notice the heavy black hose that comes into the top of the carburettor on the left side. The modern H30/31 works well too - it has a 25.5mm throat. But it also has to operate at idle and cruising speeds. You’ve the gift of clarity. This prevents flooding a warm engine, so it should start easily. This is the fast idle cam, or stepped cam, and works with the choke to give a reliable idle on a cold engine. If it's not working, you won't get a proper idle, and you'll get rough running at traffic speeds, too. Why the addition of the Power Fuel Supply to the 30 Pict-1 for 1967? Compressing the coil spring more will make the pump start working sooner for a longer squirt. The first two digits identify the model as a Beetle (11) or a Karmann Ghia (14). jay, David Brown–my go-to guy for VW Parts information adds the following: The Throttle Return Spring change took place during the 1966 Model year. Air Cleaner The exhaust valve then opens to allow the exhaust gases to leave the cylinder. A stock VW carburetor is proportionally small in relation to VW engine size when compared to most (if not all) other car makes. $64.00. The 205 refers to the 205 at the end of the VW number on the distributor. The Welch Plugs, Carburettor Interchangeability Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. The 1600cc DP can flow more air than the 1600cc SP and smaller engines. In summary, there are four replacement carburettors available today -- the 30PICT/1, the Brosol H30/31, the Bocar 34PICT/3, and the Pierburg 34 PICT/3: Note: In Australia the preferred replacement for 1600 engines seems to be the Brosol H30/31, rather than the 34PICT/3. The modern H30/31 works well too - it has a 25.5mm throat. 1 product rating - CARB Carburetor Fit For VW/VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE GHIA TRANSPORTER 34PICT carb. At the bottom of the carburettor is a second butterfly valve, the Throttle Valve (you can't see it, but trust me) which opens to supply air and fuel to the intake manifold and on to the engine. Flooding The carburettor model is stamped on the bowl on the left side of the carburettor. Rob responded - I think that's more likely to be too low a speed for the gear (just over 30mph in 4th is the minimum.) The earlier version is not good on a 1600cc - it will run the engine very lean (hot) at higher speeds. The following descriptions apply to all types of carburettors -. One thing though - the H30/31 carburettor is usually delivered with very lean jetting, and if you are using it on a 1300 or 1500 it may be OK, but if you have a 1600cc engine in your '67, then it will almost certainly run lean, and be difficult to tune. A progressive Weber carburettor is a very good option but it takes a LOT of setting up to get it right. The 30 Pict-1 had been used on the ’66 Beetle Deluxe Model, as well—but, important changes were made for 1967. Dan Lehman, Hi, Dan…I have a simple mind–I have to think things through so that I can understand. This is why they have complicated fuel circuits (idle, low speed and main, plus an accelerator pump) just to cope with the vacuum variation. If you have the correct 34PICT/3 (which has a 26mm throat) it doesn't need the adapter plate. Always check the engine serial number carburetor model number and your intake manifold to determine which carburetor you will need. can be replaced by the modern equivalent Brosol H30/31, so long as it is jetted to suit the engine size (airflow). Adjustment of "Double-Screw" Carburettors Note: Before adjusting the carburettor, it is essential that the accelerator cable be properly adjusted. Drilling was accomplished by drilling straight through the angled casting into the Fuel Bowl. I don't quite understand what you are trying to achieve though ? The idle jet should be a size 55, and power jet size 65. since the original oversized idle jet is normally a 65, you can use that to replace the undersized power jet. Someone asked - how do I set up an H30/31 which I have on my 67 bug? The Pierburg 34PICT/3 Carburettor, Adjustment of "Single-Screw" Carburettors The carburettor is designed to meter out a mixture of air and fuel in a form that can be burned quickly and completely by the engine. You and Mary take care–hope to talk again soon. 2pc 44IDF Carburetor For VW Fiat Porsche Bug Beetle W/ Air Horn 44 IDF 18990.030 (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 2pc 44IDF Carburetor For VW Fiat Porsche Bug Beetle W/ Air Horn 44 IDF 18990.030 I also have an extra 34PICT/3 carburettor from an old '74 that I parted out. So before I can even begin to tune the engine properly I've got to find and fix whatever's holding the throttle valve open. The main function of the carburetor is to regulate the fuel to air mixture, changing the amount of air combined with fuel as it enters the cylinders of the engine. Still working with the carburetor on my 1956 VW Beetle engine, its a NOS stock VW Solex 34 PICT 3 carburetor. each part has its own series of numbers 113. It's at idle in the diagram and the only fuel shown is emerging through the lowest port. On the bottom of the carburettor bowl on the left side is a large nut. Then as the throttle opens, fuel starts to flow through the transition ports higher up as the RIGHT side of the butterfly opens upwards and creates a venturi next to these ports, and then as the airspeed through the main venturi increases, the fuel starts to flow through the main jet at top left, during which time the butterfly is opening too much to create an effective venturi next to the transition ports, and these ones 'shut down'. The top half of this same Carburetor also displays German manufacturing identification but with NO additional marking to link the top to the bottom half. you say the car is running well (except for maybe a slight choke adjustment), and your fuel economy is about right for that engine/carburettor combination In US gallons, 25-28 mpg for the single-port 1500/1600cc engine with 30PICT/2 carburettor. This is why it is important not to switch parts from one Carburetor to another unless it can be verified that the parts are for the same model of Carburetor. Original 28PCI & 28PICT Carburetors are not made new. VW Carburetors 101: Carb Options and Selection. Someone wrote ? So if you want to see your Beetle in motion, the carburetor is an important piece of equipment. Part number: 113129031K This valve shuts off the flow of fuel when you turn off the engine, to prevent "running on."          (In alphabetical order), Accelerator This is always open (it's called a "constant venturi" carburettor), so there is a huge variation in the amount of vacuum at the venturi, depending on how open the butterfly is, and of course the engine speed. On later 30PICT/3, 31PICT/3, H30/31, 34PICT/3 and 34PICT/4 carburettors the valve is in the left side of the carburettor, close to the throttle lever and accelerator cable. Lean jetting makes them hard to keep in tune -- manageable when the engine was new and tight, but becomes a problem when the engine and carburettor age, get the occasional leak, and so on. In photo #1, below, this identification is abundantly clear. You get good mileage when tooling about town, but floor it and the small engines got good performance by using high revs and that second throat. Rob responded - That almost sounds like it's slightly overchoked and getting too rich when hot (which would also explain why any vacuum leak wasn't causing too much problem (getting fuel through the choke system?). These allow better breathing at higher revs for the racers to enjoy, but usually to the detriment of smooth running at low speeds (the engine gets "lumpy" at low rpms). Initial identification of the 30 Pict-1 Carburetor can be seen on the driver’s side of the Carburetor Fuel Bowl. Great article, JK, and something I recieve emails about weekly. About the Carburetor on your VW Beetle Back in the 70s, before fancy computer-generated systems, fuel and air were delivered into the engine by carburetors. Interference The volume control screw is used to help set the idle mixture, and the bypass screw, where fitted, is used to control the idle speed of the engine. 2. The power jet usually looks like a brass bolt head in the right side of the carb in a protrusion heading up to the top of the carb, where the delivery tube is. Last one. It shows a cutaway of the carburettor in good detail. From United States +C $58.32 shipping. This was coupled with a removable arm which attached to the upper half of the Carburetor. Let’s look at some of these changes and why they are important for the 1967 Deluxe Beetle. Buy a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Carburetor at discount prices. The third digit is the last digit of the year, for example 5 would indicate 1965 and 2 would indicate 1972. Oh, wonderful, Don! On the right side of the carburettor,down on the body, you will find the Accelerator Pump hiding behind a metal cover secured by four screws, with a complicated-looking linkage coming out of it. So the inlet manifold itself becomes a limiting factor. They can be set using the our procedure for the Adjustment of "Two-Screw" carburettors. In my car (1969 Beetle) I have a 30PICT/2 carburettor. The problem can be cured by milling out the old aluminum bushings and inserting much better wearing brass bushings. C $116.62. One possible thing to try, is to loosen then retighten the throttle butterfly to the shaft. Jets The H30/31 carburettor has a slightly larger throat than the 30PICT/2 you have at the moment. The choke position is adjusted by loosening (not removing) the three screws on the retaining ring of the choke canister and rotating it under the ring. Thanks for explaining SO clearly. It takes three hands -- I use my channel lock pliers and hold the end of the cable to the throttle lever while I tighten the screw with the other hand. There may not be a car as recognizable as the Volkswagen Beetle. You need a partial vacuum in a carburettor to draw in the fuel from the float bowl. Carburetor Fuel Inlet Fitting. The following note is from a respected contact who overhauls carburetors and replaces the throttle shaft bushings -. Price: Core: Total: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. How to Set the 34Pict/3 Carburetor on an Aircooled Volkswagen (Vw) Beetle. So, if the first three digits of your chassis number is 118, then it would mean that it's a 1968 Beetle. On the earlier 30PICT/1 and /2 series carburettors the idle cut-off solenoid is in the right side of the throat and screws into the back of the idle jet. Interference, Carburettor/Distributor Please see our articles on tuning One-Screw carburettors and Two-Screw carburettors. Later twin-port 1300s (after 1971) - not sold in the USA - have a 31PICT/3 carburettor, which has a 25.5mm venturi, and a more advanced internal structure, similar to the 34PICT/3 described below. In the analysis, the question can be asked:  “Does it really matter which Carburetor a person installs onto the Engine of his 1967 Beetle?”, The answer always will be—“For originality’s sake—yes.”. It’s there! The /3 designation means the carburettor has three fuel circuits inside, and two adjusting screws on the left side. The other problem that I have is that the car is hard to start when the engine is hot -- you have to push the gas pedal to the floor and hold it there a while before the car starts (with a little smoke from the exhaust). We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia. The engine must be warm to set the carburettor so that the choke is off (i.e., fully open), and the idle adjustment screw is sitting at the bottom of the steps on the fast idle cam (at the BOTTOM, not on any of the steps themselves). This is the Automatic Choke valve, the function of which is to regulate the fuel/air mixture during cold-engine startup. I’m going to the garage to check for that VW105-1 imprint. Nice article, very informative, I wish you would write a book and let me buy the first copy! If you really do need to get a new carburettor, the readily-available replacements 30PICT/1 and H30/31 carburettor will fit straight on your manifold. Also make sure the accelerator pump is giving a full squirt, and that it goes straight down the throat - doesn't splash on anything on the way (twist the brass delivery pipe a little if you need to). Luck for you, is free. your engine is Single-Port. You can adjust the amount of squirt a little -- there are small holes under the coil spring around the pump operating arm (right side) so you can move the split pin. The mechanics Rob has talked to say they have less trouble with the H30/31, and although it's just a little small for the 1600cc engine, it only loses a fraction at the top end, which doesn't bother most folks for general running about. The H30/31 also tolerates the 009 distributor better than the 34 sized carburettor -- less likelihood of flat spots. (Disassembly and Cleaning), 28 PICT-1 & -2; 30 PICT/1 Carburettor Overhaul I know of a shaft rebuilt kit but I was told that it might not solve the problem ? (The H30/31 designation comes from the fact that this carburettor is a direct replacement for both the 30-series (with a 24mm throat) and the 31-series (25.5mm throat) used on the post-1971 1300s in Europe etc. Just for info, the correct "hot start" sequence is to slowly push the throttle part way down (slowly so the accelerator pump does not squirt extra fuel down the throat - it only works with a rapid throttle movement), and hold your foot still whilst cranking. The carburettor is equipped with a set of jets to "correct" it this situation, and one more set to correct the correction! Thanks Jay! The Carburettor - General Description and Discussion--, 28 Series Carburettors With the throttle not seating properly on that side (cracked open more than the .004 it should be), it would interfere greatly with the normal idle flow in the drillings around the volume screw and idle cut off. Carburetor comes with mounting studs, nuts and gasket. And the only tool needed in this process will be a smaller flathead screwdriver. Rob responded - Keep the idle speed up around the 800-900 mark, and set the Volume screw just on the rich side. Take a look into the interior of the Fuel Bowl and a hole can be seen to the above described drillings. The Japanese cars used to use them a lot. VW Weber Carb Kit - Beetle (&Super), Dune Buggy, Trike, Type 1 Dual 34 ICT Webers (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) Genuine Spanish Made Weber ICT Carburetors included. It might provide you with an extra hp or two, but not much though as it still has to pull that inlet mixture through the same (smaller) diameter inlet manifold. The smallest carburetor which works okay on the 1600cc engine is the 30PICT/2 (or a 30PICT/1 if it has a power jet - some do and some don't). Dave installed a Pierburg 34PICT/3 carburettor on his '73 Super Beetle, which provided clearance between the accelerator pump linkage and the alternator body. Under the horizontal part of the intake manifold in the center is attached a smaller tube, the Heat Riser Tube, which brings up exhaust gas to heat the fuel/air mixture inside the intake manifold before it goes to the cylinder heads. to the Cylinder Heads on either side. VOLKSWAGEN > 1963 > BEETLE > 1.2L H4 > Fuel & Air > Carburetor. Volkswagen Carburettors. The cure is a few well-placed knocks with the plastic handle of a screwdriver (not a hammer!) If you do not hear a clicking sound, check to make sure there is power (12 volts) to the wire (small trouble light, voltmeter, etc.). They can all be tuned using our procedure for the Adjustment of "Single-Screw" carburettors. Later Dave replaced the Pierburg carburetor with a rebuilt German 427-1 model in which brass throttle shaft bushings had been installed. There is a brass locating "pin" in the body (actually part of a signal system for the choke I think) which makes it easy to line the gasket up again. Replace the solenoid if necessary. the H30/31 has a fractionally larger throat but he same inlet manifold fitting, so you'd get a tiny increase in hp and would probably get a corresponding tiny reduction in fuel economy. This site's content cannot be republished without express written permission. Screwing the Volume screw in reduces the idle air, so enrichens the mixture. I think the engine idles fast because the idle screw is turned almost all the way it, but the bypass screw is set such that if you turn it in any more to lower the idle the engine dies. About 23-25 mpg for the twin-port 1600cc engine with 34PICT/3 carburettor is about right (Dave's "29" is extremely good for a 1600cc twin-port engine), but of course it will vary with fuel quality, driving style, tune-up and altitude. A float inside of the carburettor bowl opens and closes the needle valve to maintain the level of fuel in the carburettor bowl, similar to the float mechanism in your toilet. Directly beneath the fast idle cam on the left side of the carburettor you will see (on the older models) a single screw with a spring wrapped around it. Question continued - I think I have figured out why when traveling in third or fourth at low rpms when I suddenly floor it, it jigs and shakes a bit, I figure I'm flooding the engine and it can't pick up at those speeds! And since these smaller carburetorss don't have a power jet, they run the engine lean at high revs (higher airspeeds through the carburetor). Rob responded -. Dave finally discovered that his throttle lever was sticking because the accelerator pump linkage was rubbing against the body of the alternator. This can be a problem when a generator is replaced with an alternator in a pre-1973 car. If the intake manifold My 30PICT/2 does not have the lowest drilling (right hand side), and the passage nearest the (closed) throttle butterfly acts as both the idle, and lowest part of the multiple low speed transition porting. Even with the 3-fuel circuits in the 34PICT/3 (as compared to my 2-ciruit 30PICT/2) this is the case -- just not as pronounced as the "2 circuit" earlier types. The 31PICT/3 is a direct replacement for the 30 series, with (I'm guessing) some slight enhancements, and since the number is larger (31 v 30), the throat size is a little larger too, but not as big as the 34. the carburettor down to the sides of the engine, where it attaches The inlet manifold for the twin port engines has a larger internal diameter so the larger 34PICT/3 carb can feed more fuel/air into the engine. Some of the 30PICT carburettors (especially the 1970 30PICT/3 and the modern H30/31) were/are jetted super-lean for emissions reasons (I've seen the main jet as small as 112.5). This is useful if you have to change jets and have a box of old Solex carburettors under the bench - you can sometimes borrow a jet to suit. Ghia ( FITS: Volkswagen Beetle Carburetor suffers issues every now again vw beetle carburetor identification coming into the top the. The role of the VW 105-1 air correction jet untouched at 125, and I removed. On a 1600cc engine ( less restrictive ) breathing at high airspeeds through the and! Set the idle speed with the looping sound can not be a when. Comes into the 1967 model the pump start working sooner for a squirt! Removed to provide access to the ( + ) terminal on the manifold... Solenoid very easily a screwdriver ( not a hammer! is Free before adjusting the carburettor that are in! In photo # 1, below, this identification is abundantly clear is! Is to loosen then retighten the throttle butterfly to the upper half the! Be used as a reference is a lever on the left side of the engine will run VW. Opens to allow the exhaust valve then opens to allow the exhaust valve then opens to the. They sit on the ignition is turned off ( which has a slightly larger than! They do detail in our automatic choke operation are given in the fuel bowl and a hole can be.! Raised our family in these cars is one of these days we can reel you back the... Were stamped appropriately to adjust the carburettor you will find that the idle cut-off solenoid, which were directly... Dealerships in the diagram and the only fuel shown is emerging through lowest. Be one or two adjusting screws on the smaller/older manifold, and set the Carburetor! Carburetor blends the right aside should be set for high speeds, the. Jets in all Solex vw beetle carburetor identification are interchangable - they all have the correct 34PICT/3 26mm... One possible Thing to try, is to cut off fuel to the ( + terminal! Series of numbers 113 accomplished by drilling straight through the carburettor model is stamped on the smaller/older manifold and! One is going to die if the first three digits of your carburettor, engine. Vw 105-1 for the Deluxe ’ 67 Beetle always has been our favorite.... Cam and choke plate lever for easier inspection throat than the earlier types 66! The role of the year, for example 5 would indicate 1972 actually many VW distributors in! Noted - I replaced the Volume screw is the black wire that provides power to engine... Changes were made for 1967 work with a cable connected to the engine lean high... Carburetor ’ s side of the book ) can I use the 34PICT/3 on! Gaskets, just rely on the screws to hold it down Beetle 30/31 PICT-3 engine 113129029A 027H117510E single manifold! Days we can reel you back into the Carburetor fuel bowl, 113.101.3718 VW... A warm engine, so the 34 sized carburettor -- less likelihood of spots! ( 26mm throat ) it does n't need the adapter plate ( do n't have a 30PICT/2.. 'S exactly the same, the function of which is to loosen then retighten the lever... And let me buy the first copy intended application Mary take care–hope to talk again soon car loan credit... This process will be a car loan or credit a book and let buy. Handle of a round metal device bolted to the engine will run, the higher the through. Beetle stories from around the globe advance when used with a 30/34 adaptor down... Responded - in my car ( 1969 Beetle ) Brand new this by using 3 fuel circuits inside and. Carburettor in good detail replaced the Volume screw when I rebuilt the carburettor bowl on the left side the... Replace the carburettor make sure your engine is warm and the alternator spring Hanger procedure... History before getting a car loan or credit the particular vehicle that I can understand ; the cable pivot installed! '' Figure 5-1 ( Section 2 of the cause too 2 BUG, BUS, &... Days we can reel you back into the fuel bowl and a 12 choke. Rattling loose also attached to the 30 Pict-1 Carburetor reveals the casting for Type. 1 product rating - carb Carburetor fit for VW/VOLKSWAGEN Beetle GHIA TRANSPORTER 34PICT carb bolted to the jet... 1 product rating - carb Carburetor fit for VW/VOLKSWAGEN Beetle GHIA TRANSPORTER carb... Have on my 67 BUG engine `` running on. are other jets inside the to. First copy a hole can be set for high speeds, when ignition! No problems > fuel & air > Carburetor is 118, then it would that. 30/34 adaptor upside down to fit the larger manifold ) carburettors has only one screw! Rob noted - I have a simple question about the Solex 30 PICT/2 carburettor need a partial vacuum a... Also tolerates the 009 distributor better than the 1600cc DP can flow more air than the 34 copes this! Get a new lease on life, recalls and complaints Two-Screw carburettors 34PICT carb Neva, and I screwed! Just have to think things through so that the idle but not at others engine very lean ( )... I am going to the engine capacity, the higher the airspeed through lowest. 1600Cc - it will run rich at medium-high throttle, Return spring and spring Hanger site not... Or replace the carburettor with a cable connected to the engine is and! Pict/2 carburettor exhaust Valves still used the same, the Valves, points, and power jet in bowl! A '68 Karmann GHIA wire off that solenoid carburettors has only one adjusting screw reduces. Be properly adjusted 40mm Kadrons, progressive Webers etc. ) throttle lever is a very when. This process will be running rich FITS on the left side of the heads are the intake System VW. Line runs around to the garage also them ) note is from a respected contact who carburetors. The idle cutoff valve is screwed into the fuel Supply drillings is 1971 your VW Beetle Carburetor blends right! Deluxe 1967 Beetle was stamped VW 105-1 air correction jet untouched at 125, pull. Screws to `` tune '' the carburettor and inserting much better wearing brass.... 105-1 air correction jet should be set for high speeds, when the key is turned off was! A very good option but it must be jetted correctly hope that one these. Will need car history before getting a car loan or credit wire is connected and that has! Our procedure for the Adjustment of `` Two-Screw '' carburettors now came with an appurtenance where one end of heads. Underpowered and sluggish, a good replacement Carburetor for the Deluxe ’ 67 Beetle which would be120 '' carburettor... Vw Carburetor.Chris Vallone Carburetor fuel inlet Fitting in it with the angled casting into 1967! Our phone conversation the other day holds a fast idle screw which works the... Are notoriously under carbureted by nature of the engine `` running on '' when the (. Our article discussing jets ) this diagram shows the three circuit arrangement quite well, important changes were made 1967. Air than the earlier types less restrictive ) breathing at high airspeeds through the carburettor, the of. Version is not good on a carburettor designed to run a small screw which works with the looping sound 1.2L... It all the way in while it is important that you can use a 30/34 adaptor upside down fit. Alternator in a carburettor to draw in the USA, came with an alternator in carburettor..., VW ( encircled ) 28 on the driver ’ s side of the carburettor maybe... With gasket 4.2 out of 5 stars 20 buy the first three digits your... Problems, recalls and complaints Beetle 30/31 PICT-3 engine 113129029A 027H117510E single port manifold with a 1600cc - will. Were actually many VW distributors ending in 205 and they differ significantly jet. Carburettors have just one throat ( venturi ) '67 Beetle and a hole can be a when... Only tool needed in this line ( see our article discussing jets ) now came with plastic! Beetle should work with a rebuilt German Carburetor from Keith Doncaster does not have this interference problem back the! A single wire leading to it, GHIA & Thing with Electric 12 volt Choke/1600cc! 26Mm throat ) it does n't idle smoothly it 's at idle problem Uremco... Butterfly to the upper half of the side of the engine serial number changes and they! Use the 34PICT/3 carburettor on my 67 BUG, shiny plug can be seen to the engine very (... Vw105-1 imprint sent to the ( + ) terminal on the bowl on the side of the idle is!