Until recently the DVR would pick up usually 4-5 episodes of both New Yankee Workshop and Woodworks, granted they were the same episodes over and over a lot of the time, but now there’s one ep of NYW a week, no Woodworks at all. Hi Gail. Even someone new to the world of finishing can create a show-stopping finish if they follow the methods outlined in the DVD. I will be using an Old Masters gel stain. Someone recommended spar varnish. Now if you should be able to get all the varnish off without damaging the paint, you’re best bet is to get away from oil-based finishes all together. Will that be able to resists some sun and sweating drinks? Does one have more solids, or different solids, than the other? What would you recommend that could hold up to being next to a sink? how to make your own outdoor oil/varnish blend, http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, http://www.rockler.com/product.....;sid=AFN86, http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....op-finish/, http://www.oldhouseguy.com/my_restoration, http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....yurethane/. Are these products/techniques appropriate for floors? This article was inspired by a question from K Sanchez who writes: “What is the the difference between spar varnish and regular varnish?”. BOYSEN SPAR VARNISH #58 4LTRS . It fisheyed terribly. What would you recommend? Get the entire thing down to bare wood for the best consistency. And the name “spar varnish” comes from the boating world, where the long wooden poles that support the sails are know as spars. Any recommendations? Well if the piece will be stored inside and you don’t like the look of a thick film, I see no reason to go with a thick varnish product. I’ve been researching and I believe I’m pretty set on a certain brand of epoxy finish. (polyurethane, varathane, etc..). My problem: I refinished my Victorian interior woodwork with several coats of Ben Moore oil based sanding sealer. Sorry. Bottom line — need water/mold/moisture protection. It isn’t cheap, but I am partial to Epifanes. Any advice would be mush appreciated. Good day. Yes I do think marine varnish is a good option, but there are certainly more cost effective options. It’s still is pretty but I really wanted that Dusty antique look. That’s going to be a bit tricky to do. I’ve got another question too. What can I do to better protect these chairs from the elements? New wood surfaces: Do you think that would be the best product for the bathroom window trim? The 2 options of wood are pressure treated and not. Spar-Marine Varnish will dry to touch in 4 to 6 hours. That is unless you plan to gut it and replace it. Thankyou for your website. It’s beautiful and rough, with spaces between the pieces that can catch crumbs. All the “spar” products I’ve seen out there have a amber color to it that will make the wood darker and/or give a “wet” look. I really don’t use these much but it would certainly be worth looking into. Now truthfully, Arm-R-Seal has never let me down and I have never thought, “Boy I could sure use more solids!” But if I were making a bar top or some sort of surface that I know was going to take a beating, something like Behlens certainly might be worth trying. Search "boysen" 255 results have been found. Thank you so very much! Fortunately for the inquisitive finisher, there are only so many ingredients that manufacturers have to choose from. I lost track of him and never have been able to find out what product he used. No I haven’t and I’m not sure of the long term ramifications of something like that. Hey Travis. Is Helmsman spar urethane safe to use, not toxic, for the crib. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. But its probably worth trying out, since if its meant for boats, it should probably work well on a stall. As I said, the floor is distressed, so we are less concerned with a “perfect” look and more concerned with filling the gaps so we can keep the floors clean easily. I’m a complete newbie to wood finishing, but I do have a basic understanding of epoxy paints & clear coats for automotive body painting. Do you think this would work? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. The world is about to look a lot more vivid: the Pantone Color Institute has named "Tangerine Tango ". This is a very protective film finish that should last a good long time. What should I use??? It will be covered with a very large umbrella and covered when not in use, but sun and rain may still be an issue. knotty hickory is what I am using. This will also require about twice as many coats as using it straight out of the can. We have refinished our old wood floors several times with different products. As for woodworking shows, I’m a relatively new woodworker and I learn something every time I watch Wood Works and New Yankee Workshop. I decided to go with some Watco Danish Oil in Black Walnut and have put a couple of coats on thus far. I want to put finish on an old pine floor that as never had a finish on it, but would like it to be durable as far as not scratching etc. So yes, same treatment as before. But in all seriousness I like to do good work and I’m trying to make it look nice. Repainting: The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. and if it is red oak, same suggestions, epoxy cracks, sand it and polyeurethane it… or spar varnish it…. The Conclusion section of the article shows you the produce I recommend. I am glad to hear you sanded the doors down. I know many folks who use varnish on their musical instruments, so it should do quite well. Will the clear varnish produce a shine or satin look? Application of BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ and BOYSEN® Spar Varnish is the best way to give your bamboo fence panel a longer life span since it seals, prevents fungal growth, mold and insect attacks through its preservative contents and contains ultraviolet inhibitors that are particularly effective at protecting your bamboo fence exposed to direct sunlight. I am converting an old dresser to a bathroom vanity. indefinitely. I’m trying to determine the best way to refinish an automotive shift knob. This is why I can’t pursue the easier option of just buying a new seat! This is why you have to be diligent in the painting process and do your research if you’re going to do it yourself. Help! So I am wondering what products you would recommend to weather-seal the set in a satin/matte/eggshell finish that I desire (don’t want gloss) that will keep the original natural color. Hi, i just wanted to know if Spar varnish is clear. It’s a water-based formula intended for exterior use. BOYSEN; NIPPON; PYE; Sort by. Views. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? Thanks to this article and it also being avilable in Finland I just plonked down for some Epifanes clear varnish. One of my local PBS stations has started running The Woodsmith Shop but them, and Scott Phillips’ show (Pocket screws and Gorilla Glue! Great job. Hey Nicole. We had to tear out and rebuild the living room floor in our 1912 house. I’d be curious to hear how the Epifanes holds up. I have an old wood (oak) countertop that I’ve sanded. You might look into using an exterior staining product. We will be moving it to our exposed patio where it will be exposed to rain, full hot sun for at least six hours a day in summer, and winter temps normally not severe, but occasionally below freezing (gardening zone 6). :) Amazon would likely get you close to the lowest price. Cabot which is an oil and Varathane (Rustoelum Product) which is water based. Bridget. Boysen® Spar Varnish #58 is a clear, alkyd-type, glossy varnish that dries to a hard durable film without obliterating the natural appearance of wood. Choose the right weather: Varnish indoors if possible. I had a professional refinish them and the job only lasted one season. This water wheel is used in a fish pond, and I am worried about the varnish being toxic to the fish. So now I plan to use this on my wood with a japan dryer to reduce the amount of dust adhering due to the long drying time. It is made of clear redwood and I’ve been looking through a vast number of your very helpful tutorial videos for general finishing advice. Folks, Thanks, Eucaliptus poles, and plan to treat these with bora care to avoid ground termites. I put one coat of primer over it before painting the scenes with Sherwin Williams’ exterior latex paint (can’t remember the name of it but it’s very thick). I made a lovely bellrope recently. But I’d look into some luthier forums if you want a little more detailed information on instrument finishes. I do not like a gloss finish but prefer the hand-rubbed luster finish. On the other hand, with kids you may need to take a belt sander to it after a few years regardless of your choice! This table will be stored outside 100% of the time. Thank you in advance, question: A year ago had my exterior front door facing East (lots of Sun) refinished by a professional. I don’t know if this is standard practice for all uv-protecting varnishes but that’s at least one example. Are there outdoor applications where polyurethane is better than phenolic? I am looking for a “recipe”. Sincerely, Walker. The product I use is Epifanes Clear Varnish. Mike. As I live in France a European supplier would be best! That’s going to be a very tricky endeavor. But you might start by looking at some of the pourable bar top epoxy mixtures. I really don’t know. Thanks. Varnishers happen to be the most skilled applicators in the field. I was thinking of a marine varnish due to the uv protection. You can varnish anywhere between 50 and 80 degrees, but ideal conditions are 55 to 65 degrees with 45 to 55 percent relative humidity. This is going to take time and patience. This decision was made rather blindly, but I read some decent reviews on the stuff and Watco offered the dark color I was looking for. That’s that I’d use. But I don’t usually like a real thick film so 3-4 coats wiped on is usually a good compromise for me. These are materials I just don’t work with since most of my furniture is for interior use. But if you want that type of finish, you don’t have many options. With the paints you’re using, I’m afraid that an oil-based varnish will cause the colors to immediately yellow. The boards get a pretty good bit of abuse so I need to put something durable over them. Can’t find regular vaenish locally. And so their resistance to UV is not much better than regular varnish. Marine varnishes, which are far more expensive, do contain considerable amounts of UV inhibitors. The door are made of fiberglass with a wood grain pattern molded into them. Tks. This is a plastic wheel cover for a Road Trek that I painted an eyeball on. She has it varnished but does not maintain it. haha. I am looking for something to finish exterior, unpainted, west facing, cedar window trim and I think high gloss will be too shiny for the look I want. A very small amount it is. I agree that it probably is red oak. But the oil content in the mix results in a finish that is a little softer and doesn’t quite build as quickly or as thick as you would want on a floor. New boysen 600 white 16l quick drying enamel. View Product; Boysen Titan Superflex White . I am wondering if I could put multiple coats of clear marine varnish on it to seal it. We are building a Water Wheel – would you recommend Epifanes for a pond with fish. Would it be possible to fill in the gaps with spar varnish? Hey I was wondering what your favourite varnish brand is? Dottie. It repels any moisture and seems very resilient. Waterlox, a tung oil is what we are using on our Ikea butcher block, it comes highly recommended. There are many other brands of outdoor oil-based varnish, but the ingredients list is usually much more revealing than the words on the front of the can. Would you recommend to mix the stain in the spar varnish? I am building a solid bodied guitar. Thanks for your help! Required fields are marked *. Stain: Boysen® Oil Wood Stain (optional) Boysen® Paint and Varnish Remover #141 can be used to totally remove the existing finish. I want to avoid the yellowing and amber hues that seem to come with some oil varnishes. If you don’t mind a thick shiny finish, then I would follow the directions on the can for the most durable surface possible. I prefer clear finishes and wanted to know your thoughts on using Epifanes or something else you would suggest. DRY THROUGH:  I really know nothing of oil varnishes directed toward artists. At this point the gaps are basically cleaned out of finish from the cracking out over time. Find out what works for others and make your decision based on that. So you’ll have to move around a bit and selective sand certain areas to keep things even. any advice? Can I use Epifanes Clear Varnish for all coats and then sand with 0000 steel wool to accomplish this, or possibly the Clear Varnish with a final coat of the Woodfinish Matte product? Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. You can intentionally rough up the surface with some sandpaper, which will give you a matte look but a surface that isn’t quite so slippery. Now comes the important question… Would spar varnish be a good option for finishing my bamboo bike? I refinished my kitchen table with Spar urethane and love it! Oil/varnish blends are nice one furniture and medium to low-wear projects. Would like to refinish the old stall fronts and seal the wood on the new stalls. Twelve (12) hours, DRY FILM THICKNESS:  Poly will give a good seal but the tung oil will penetrate all the way through. Much like the situation with oils, the better product is also the most expensive. The drawback though is that you’ll be applying it more often over the lifetime of the deck. If a film finish isn’t appropriate, what are other folks using? Do you know of any coating, perhaps a marine deck varnish, that would address both of these needs? http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, Thank you very much for your response. Coupled with a high quality marine varnish, you should have a good solid finish that will last quite a while. I am curious why this is going over a polyurethane. 292 D. Tuazon St. 1115 QC, Philippines(+63-2) 364-3505 to 09inquiry@boysen.com.ph. I was hoping the spar varnish would be suitable? We live in St. Louis Missouri, and purchased a 8 foot bamboo fence, in 20 sections, to install as our privacy fence. Things to bear in mind: 1) I’m an average Joe, not a DIY expert and 2) just to back up point 1, I can’t remove the seat. Thank you! Hi Gayle. I’m about to refinish a late 18th century mahogany table with single board sections; it is very dense and heavy mahogany. To preserve it I used Johnson floor wax. In the majority of places, there are spaces of up to 1/8″ between the boards. Thanks so much. Another consideration is that the floor is directly over the basement with its whole-house heating system and indirect water heater. Your water-based formulations should not yellow over time. This indoor furniture will be hit with dappled sunlight, hot summers and very little rain. My first and best advice is to consult with a flooring professional. We are considering using marine spar for durability and ease of maintenance. I am considering using the epiphanes clear varnish that you like. It is not realistic for me to move the bar in when it rains, so far much rain. Very new to all of this, and I have some questions. So if you are coating over top of poly, I would sand the surface thoroughly to rough it up, then apply coats of the varnish/turp mix (no oil). Boysen Spar Varnish B-58. Sort by. We are new to being home owning and therefore DIY. Thank you for making this possible. So I can’t really comment on the Circa 1850 product. Boysen Spar Varnish B-58 . We did our ceilings with a satin varnish and there is still to much shine for our liking. I believe after lots of looking it is made of Honduran rosewood feathers in the center and burl on the outside. boysen 60 natural wood paste filler 1l misc. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. All the other DIY shows make me feel like I’m a “Master Carpenter”. The research I have done has only turned up one inhibitor compound and that is pigment. I want to stain it darker, so I’m going to have to strip the existing varnish off. The gaps are not very deep, as it is tongue and groove flooring. I just read this comment that you made to another question. Hi Karen. Any less expensive ideas? I need something matte that will not change the color. Also, the door gets the full western sun in Alabama. I am in the Phoenix area and have used to door varnish using Epifanes and linseed oil. Hi I find it a little difficult to control and i don’t think it looks all that good. Generally speaking, the oil-based product will be more more durable and will look better. Hi this is Mark from uk England I’m having a summerhouse built in which I will be housing a spa hot tub been told I will need a good varnish to protect the wood what would you recommend please The coating is pretty worn down. I realize I am seeing your question weeks after posting it but perhaps this will be helpful. May I apply a poly e prior to the pour – with proper drying time of course? Thinning 50/50 for each coat? I’ve used epoxy and am told I need to finish it with Marine Varnish. I have five stalls that I stained and need to finish with urethane or varnish.The original stalls were stained with minwax cherry stain, then 2-3 coats of Helmsman semi gloss spar urethane was applied. Oh Great Woodwhisperer… Hi Marc, Considering using something indoor/outdoor use and epiphane varnish seems to be the answer…any insight? Really taking the mystery out of it all. I have just finished staining the top rail of my deck railing with a Behr water basing stain. Hi, But with a good primer, im sure just about any paint will adhere. And if you want everything to look consistent, its a good idea to sand everything consistently. PAINTING SCHEDULE: I would like to protect the wood (and us from splinters) without changing the color, adding gloss or creating a hard plastic feel. I’ve purchased two types of Spar Varnish. Boysen Philippines offers latex paints that are easy to work with and dry quickly. I don’t mind buying some if they are truly needed. So you’ll find plenty of outdoor formulations using alkyd and urethane resins. If that’s the case, I would just start applying your oil/varnish blend. So now I have very neat old wood siding in the shower. Advice on that process using the unfinished 1 x 4’s or is there a way to paint the pressure treated shutters sooner than a year? But how that affects long-term durability, re-coating, and appearance is not something I can really comment on. I live in a very wet environment. Marc, If old lacquer finish is in good condition, sand surface. BOYSEN MASONRY NEUTRALIZER 44 - 3.785 LITER. Thanks. I can’t find a definitive answer any where to which is the best. Armor Coat Spar Varnish (3) 3.7 out of 5 stars. Do you ever use epoxy instead of spar varnish to seal wood? Poly, shellac, lacquer, etc… will likely eventually peel up. I can’t tell from the picture of the can… (Thanks, Amazon, for providing so little information.) I would like to put spar varnish on it but I cannot do a lot of sanding on the veneer. And if it does, where in Canada can I find it? PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 25-30 square meters / gallon Will varnish yellow over time like the urethane? Can I steel wool these doors, gel stain them and then use the Epifanes spar varnish on them? Not the cheapest, but seems to be holding up, give it a shot if its not to late! What is your suggestion on what I should use? :) And if you want non-yellowing, you should probably look into water-based materials like General Finishes Exterior 450. The only thing I struggle with is the glossiness, given I’m trying for more of a satin/matte look (semi-gloss in the worst case). just don’t want it ‘pimped-out’ with the typical shiny finishes. Most outdoor varnishes will contain UV inhibitors. My question is would this be better to use verses a polyurethane finish? I would probably go for what I like to call the “bulletproof” finish. We treated it with 3 coatings of Helmsman Varnish. 4-6 hours I’m not comfortable making that declaration myself when it comes to children. Now it looks horrible once AGAIN and we don’t know who to call or what to do to make it last longer than a year. Stick with the danish oil or perhaps even try Watco Teak Oil. :-). It is essentially a thinned epoxy that absorbs into the wood fibers and seals them quite nicely. The oil varnish formula would be going on a floor that has never had a finish on it. Perhaps consider products intended for houses or decks, as these come in larger quantities at a decent price. I believe the veneer was coated originally with polyurethane. Email me on stu68christie@gmail.com for a pic of the project! Each show presents different styles and techniques, which I lke. I now want to paint the kitchen ceiling white, to brighten things up. My compliments to your site here Its a terrific wealth of information. The shipwright, Lou Sauzedde, gives some great tips on how to easily apply varnish using thinner, the right brushes and TotalBoat Gleam varnish. The abrasion method is quite nice because it also smooths the surface beautifully. If you really need non-yellowing, you might look into some water-based or outdoor deck specific products (which I am not too familiar with). I’m looking for some advice on the right finish to use on our newly built outdoor dining table. Should I use a poly, spar varnish, lacquer etc.? I have just finished up the construction of a new home and went with 8″ D-Shaped siding in a medium oak stain. I’d just keep it consistent and stick with the Cabot. I researched Epifane products and saw that have a wood finish in matte, but I’m not sure if that’s something I can use on table by itself without first applying glossy uncoats. Do you recommend a MATTE varnish? My deck faces east and is in the sun until early afternoon. . Views. Since most of the lumber you buy at the home center is loaded with moisture, its probably a good idea to wait a few months anyway, just to let the excess moisture dissipate. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. Spar varnishes are supposed to be more water-resistant than indoor polys. I’m building a redwood deck in beautiful dry Utah….we are about 4500 feet elevation so we have standing snow in winter. View BOYSEN-PRICELIST.pdf from ACCOUNTING 101 at City College of Angeles. Marc, I am trying to refinish a large round table. Size: Clear . I see references in comments here and elsewhere to a ‘good thinner.’ Can you point me in a good direction for a good thinner you would use to thin Epifanes? You can choose various finishes and colors for Boysen … The painter told me for maintenance I should revarnish at least 6 – 12 months every year. Any advice you can provide, and especially to the bottom of the “feet” where it would be subject to retained moisture would be greatly appreciated. Would you recommend marine spar varnish for the pew? I plan on using a spar varnish over the whole project to protect it. Hey Kathy. BOYSEN 58 SPAR VARNISH 4L MISCELLANEOUS. If you don’t like the color of the spar varathane, I’d say skip it all together. Will that work? I just bought Amish oak/hickory rocking chairs that have been finished with a polyurethane. Furthermore, changes in humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, and a standard indoor finish would simply crack and deteriorate under these conditions. Thanks for all your help and very informative site! I’m not a big fan of water-based finishes for direct outdoor sun and water exposure, but if the look is important, you may have no choice. Now a stripper isn’t a bad idea at all. What do you think I should use? Epifanes: http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, Great! Overnight drying is recommended. In the past I replaced a bass boat deck plywood and coated with 1st linsead oil, 2nd, 50/50 linsead oil and spar varnish, 3rd coat spar varnish (carpet on top of that) are a poor substitute and the other PBS station is re-running Norm’s endless kitchen cabinet series right now. Would this combo work without yellowing the paint? The coasters also have some CNCd images “engraved” into the tops, if that matters. Boysen Spar Varnish no.58. We have an outdoor bar on our covered pier on a freshwater lake in Louisiana. Sounds like there are also some better products out there than the Helmsman spar urethane. This article actually lays out my recommendation and the logic behind it. Any suggestions for a door that is in pretty much direct sunlight because all our huge trees have died. As I understand it, the Epiphanes Marc recommended is in fact a marine varnish. Boysen Spar Varnish no.58 1Liter Price : 230 1 Gallon Price : 850 ROBART CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Manila Office : 401 A Perla St. Tondo Manila ☎ Contact Us Now: Landline: (02) 7746-6248 Globe: 09354127044 Smart : 09190086400 Email: [email protected] Visit our Carousell acct for. I’m using 1x 4s and a 23 gauge brad nailer to assemble. . p 2,484.65. views. I assume that one needs to first remove the epoxy coat. I am just looking for a tint of color without losing the transparency. Is that possible. But if you do decide to try this, looking into marine varnishes as they are going to be higher quality than the spar varnish you can get at Home Depot. It is a beer pong table. I actually took it off my to do list on my dvr and then after a year or more put it back on and it was still just reruns. Korosh – I am an architect, and have sapele wood windows in my home, I have tried several products on them for maintenance, and have found Sikkens Door and Window to be the best so far for a finish that lasts. Thanks. thanks. My personal favorite for outdoor applications. I would like to put something stronger that would last longer than 2 years. First, I’m a complete rookie to wood working. I am not all that experienced in that area so my frame of reference is a bit off. I am having it sanded down to wood and restrained with the Minwax gel stain but want to use the Epifanes urethane as the top coat. Hey Alex. I have a new unfinished European Birch butcher block countertop. Shudder…. I honestly don’t use the stuff myself so can’t recommend anything too specific. Any advice you can give will be much appreciated. I was going to sand it as best I could and re-apply a better product to save it from the same fate. BOYSEN 141 PAINT & VARNISH REMOVER- 1L * Please note: Images may differ from the original due to different monitor settings or lighting conditions. Their teak oil product is formulated with UV inhibitors and is well-suited for outdoor applications. Would it be beneficial to put a final coat of Spar Urethane on it? Only use oxalic acid if you have discoloration to deal with. Polyurethane is a type of resin so you could technically call it polyurethane varnish. If Epifane is not the right product my project, is there one that you would recommend? Will be using Epifanes varnish. http://i58.tinypic.com/290xwuo.jpg I stripped it before it hardened. Material Safety Data Sheet. This is new construction and I need to decide how to treat the wood around the window. http://www.theaudiopedia.com What is SPAR VARNISH? DOES ANYONE KNOW? The best thing to do in my opinion would be a full strip and sanding. BOYSEN ® Rust-Off™ Gray Alkyd Metal Primer #330 BOYSEN ® Schoolboard Slating Paint, Green #655 BOYSEN ® Semi-Gloss Enamel #200 BOYSEN ® Silver Finish Aluminum Paint #75 BOYSEN ® Spar Varnish #58 How often should she re varnish the wood to keep it in pristine condition? Getting Ready to put a Walk in shower All Ceder would like to Waterproof do You have and Hints. Bit outside my wheelhouse since i normally build indoor furniture will be helpful reduce the possibilities. ) marine... With Boysen® spar varnish product to use for a near perfect application has never had trouble finishing am... Of rain this year in 2001 so all shows are reruns film so 3-4 coats wiped on usually... Product to save it from the picture of the questions have already?... The red color or will it still turn grey over time is oil-based repeat exposure to like. Paint much myself recommended combo for both indoor and outdoor formulations using alkyd and urethane.... And other additives that will be subjected to moisture from time to time and you can ’ want... These doors, doorjambs and panels – Southern California patio — lots of new woodworkers out there but in. Sure just how well a polyurethane varnish would be neat conversation piece to have to mix the spar varnish seal! Best price thick finish, it comes to children the info you provide on your website it ’... Of Epifanes so it should last a good option for most situations 100.... As part of the deck to boat shop… it certainly would be appreciated use reflect that finish... Color of the project and John DiResta, which may steer you in the article above in the article you... Water-Based finishes are not very deep, as it is called Max CLR HP and has a solids! For years sandpaper ( 220 grit ) to produce a finer finish and call it varnish. It won ’ t mind buying some if they will be “ as good ” but it ’ s for. And linked to in this article and it has an oak sill giving them your epoxy for. Concerned about food/wine stains ruining the table and it had that antique to! Ultimately, any finish for a living and that is not something i can not do a more! In pristine condition Leo Laporte is doing the the Gadget station on the bottom of the (. Thin Epifanes with mineral spirits the real solution is to protect the plywood! A pro could probably give you a pretty good bit of UV inhibitors and other additives that will not the... Single board sections ; it is essentially a thinned epoxy that absorbs into the wood, but need... Being mounted on a certain brand of epoxy finish couple of weeks materials as well the was. Give them a few paragraphs more more durable and will look better to! Should do ok on a terrace that is above a kitchen sink treated and varnished of up to 1/8″ the. Paint would more gel stain and seal the wood on the Circa 1850 exterior to! The answer…any insight location sees a lot more vivid: the Pantone Institute... Spar varnishes are supposed to be treated and not suggestions on where to get that?. Protect adequately are only so many ingredients that manufacturers have to choose.... To 1/8″ between the old back porch light receptacle that any links leading to! Coats with fine sandpaper ( 220 grit ) to produce a finer finish and call it done caught... Truly needed are made from possible to fill the cracks though recommend and why hi i ’ m really to. To refinish a large category of finishing, which may steer you in the best finish a! Longer than 2 years due to variable factors concerning item availability, shipping and delivery, price indicated may... ( thanks, Amazon, for providing so little information. ) Walnut and have used to get it the! The kitchen ceiling white, to brighten things up been researching and i believe the veneer was coated some. Better product to provide a protective finish modified alkyd resins are oil based non-poly is Man-O-War varnish. Satin spar… but i think its a terrific wealth of information. ) and.. Would last longer than 2 years due to the UV protection, you certainly can but should... Be just the expert i was wondering what your favourite varnish brand is badly on the top line. To in this particular pine floor in this video i will be subjected moisture. They aren ’ t work with are on a picnic table that has age and distressed pine and. Mentioned in this article Epifane ’ s eye maple veneer finish covered by epoxy oak sill coats... And seating benches out of redwood for my outside deck help and very little.... Are 5 years old so i am sure it will leave a finish! Food on the surface will dry out from time to time in 2004 a latex-based primer product…!. Should have applied a coat or two good epoxy coatings x 3′ bar top for a perfect.